Leah Messer’s Fiance Jaylan Mobley Is Ready For a Baby

Leah Messer

MTV "Teen Mom" star Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley have been living together since April 1.

“Teen Mom” star Leah Messer and Jayaln Mobley could be having a baby in the near future.

In a new episode of “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,” Messer’s daughter Aleeah asks the couple if they’re going to get married.

Messer and Mobley give each other a look and aren’t sure who should answer the question first.

“She said you guys so I’m not gonna answer the question,” Mobley said.

“Why do I have to answer the question?” Messer asked.

Since Messer was hesitant, Mobley admitted: “OK, I’ll say, yes. I want to one day. But the question is when.”

“Do you guys wanna see us get married one day?” Messer asked her girls.

After they both said yes — with Ali playing coy at first — Aleeah then asked her mom and Mobley if they were going to give her a sibling.

“I want a sibling. I want another one. I want a girl,” Aleeah said. “I can dress it up.”

It turned out that Mobley also has a preference. “At the end of the day, for me, it doesn’t really matter but I would prefer a boy,” he said.

Messer was taken aback. “So you definitely want kids. Three isnt’ enough?”

“I do. I do want a kid,” Mobley answered. “What about you?”

Again, Messer seemed caught off guard. “I didn’t intend on having any more children,” Messer responded, looking at her 12-year-old twins. “But we have everything together financially, emotionally, so I’m open to it.”

Messer Was Asked If She Thought About How It Would Be Different to Raise a Black Child

While out with her friends, Messer was asked how she felt about raising a Black child if she and Mobley did decide to have a baby.

“There’s a lot that’s different about that. There’s a lot that I get to learn, me and Jay get to talk through,” she said.

One of her friends became emotional when she talked about raising her Black son.

“Hearing their struggles with their sons, and dealing with racism, it’s completely heartbreaking,” Messer said in a confessional. “And I think we continue to do whatever we possibly can to not only educate ourselves but educate our children and continue to create change so our kids don’t have to live in an environment like this.”

Messer Is Excited About Her Future With Mobley

Messer is the happiest she’s ever been and she’s looking forward to everything that the future has in store for her and Mobley.

“It’s crazy because I just was filming and I said, ‘For once in my life, I feel like I’m dreaming about my future life without being emotional.’ It feels great,” Messer told E! News.

“Things continue to get better with us,” she said. “We grow with each other—ups, downs, whatever it may be—that’s why I fall in love with him every single day…The way we come together, the way we grow together, I love it.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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