Leah Messer Gives Final Answer On Dating Jeremy Calvert

Jeremy Calvert

Instagram Many fans of "Teen Mom 2" would love to see Leah Messer reconnect with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert.

Many fans of Teen Mom 2 would love to see Leah Messer reconnect with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert, but reconnecting might not be in the stars’ futures. The couple split in 2015 after three years of marriage.

“Jeremy is a great, great guy. We’re great friends, but any more than that, it doesn’t align with my life,” Leah told Us Weekly. “I don’t know what he’s thinking, but we are perfectly happy the way things are.”

She is, however, interested in dating other men. “I’m dating a bunch of people, doing my thing, living my best life and if the right one comes along, fantastic,” she told the publication. “I am perfectly content with the way it is now.”

In her memoir, Hope, Grace & Faith, the star talked about having an abortion in 2012, the year before her youngest daughter Addie was born. At the time she told Jeremy she had a miscarriage, and she regrets not being honest with him. “I would’ve owned that then, and been 100 percent honest, been more, you know, considerate even about my journey in general, just holding myself accountable and holding myself high for my journey,” she said.

It wasn’t until they broke up that she told him the truth. “When we were going through our divorce, we kind of had a tell-all and we shared some things with each other and that’s when I was honest with Jeremy,” she said.

Leah Alleges She Was Sexually Abused As a Child

In her revealing memoir, the Teen Mom 2 star alleged she was sexually abused when she was 5 or 6 years old by a babysitter. She never told her mother Dawn Spears about the alleged molestation, but wrote that she would cry whenever Dawn brought her to the babysitter’s house.

“My mom didn’t understand why I screamed every time I went to the babysitter’s house. It was because I was being sexually abused there, and my mom, she didn’t have much support,” Leah told People. “Reliving those times was really hard, but it was also therapeutic for me. … I could go back and really truly allow myself to heal from the child abuse that I went through.”

Leah Battled Suicial Thoughts

She also talked about her addiction to prescription pills and experiencing suicidal thoughts. She says it’s her daughters–Ali, Gracie and Addie–who saved her. “I was suicidal and I go into details about exactly how I was suicidal and why I was suicidal. And had it not been for my kids, which is why I named my book Hope, Grace and Faith, I wouldn’t be here today,” she told Hollywood Life. “There would be no Leah.”

Leah felt ashamed of her past, but she hopes by being vulnerable herself it will allow others to open up too. “The purpose behind the book is for others to be just as vulnerable and be able to share their truth without feeling shameful,” she told Hollywood Life. “For the longest time, I think there were a lot of things in my life that happened that I felt ashamed of, definitely.

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