‘Teen Mom’ Fans Criticize ‘Messy’ Leah Messer

Leah Messer

MTV "Teen Mom" fans said MTV star Leah Messer was "messy."

“Teen Mom” fans said MTV star Leah Messer was “messy.” The speculation about Messer’s personal life began after she posted new pictures with boyfriend Jaylan Mobley.

An original poster on Reddit wondered if the West Virginia native was moving too fast with her new beau. The couple confirmed they were together in September, after becoming official in August.

“Unpopular opinion: Leah does not have her life together, she’s just not as messy as she used to be,” the social media user wrote on November 20, 2021. “We cannot be sure she is 100% sober. She’s jumping into relationships with both feet quickly still. She was just in a cult. Has she shown any real, actual growth? (Dating someone attractive does not count.).”

The post garnered more than 400 upvotes and sparked over 200 comments.

“I think Leah IS doing much better than she used to but that being said, she still is messy,” said a fan who agreed.

“This is not an unpopular opinion, I totally agree. She’s not pill sober, she just hides it better,” a third agreed.

One of the most popular responses came from someone who defended the mother-of-three.

“Honestly, I don’t want to be an asshole- but you are an idiot if you think she is still abusing opiates,” they said. “I’ve watched opiates (pills and also heroin) destroy multiple people I know and love, including my aunt who overdosed. if you’ve seen someone on opiates, you would know she is clearly not on opiates. 🤦🏻‍♀️.”

“Unpopular opinion: no one has their life together. We’re all just a lil less messy than we used to be,” another person agreed. “Everyone’s just trying to survive to the next day.”

Messer Admitted She Was Addicted to Pain Pills

The “Teen Mom 2” star confessed she struggled with an addiction to prescription pain pills in her memoir, “Hope, Grace, & Faith.”

“I felt kind of [like a] zombie. I don’t really even remember some of those times. I don’t remember anyone carrying me to bed. I don’t remember falling asleep with my legs crisscrossed,” she told People, recalling when she was in the throes of her addiction. “I thought I was making it. I was barely surviving.”

The stigma against addiction is what stopped Messer from speaking up sooner.

“I was crying inside for someone to just help me,” she confessed to the publication in an August 2020 interview. “Had I been able to be open without being punished, without being ridiculed and the stigma against it, I probably could have gotten help a lot sooner and not been afraid.”

Finding Mobley Was a ‘Surprise’ For Messer

Messer — the mother of 11-year-old twins Ali and Leah and 8-year-old daughter Addie — was expecting to get serious with Mobley, a grad student at West Virginia University.

“Leah and Jaylan Mobley have been dating for a few months now,” an insider told E! News in September 2021. “He recently met Leah’s girls and they get along great. Leah is very happy and the relationship has been a great surprise.”

Messer included Mobley in her holiday photos with her girls. “Let the holiday szn begin!💃🏻 I love them so much! 😍 Who else is already in the holiday spirit? 🥰,” she wrote via Instagram on November 10, 2021. 

“I do believe in you like you believe in me ♾❤️‍🔥🃏 @jaylan_mobley,”  she captioned a Halloween post, where Messer and Mobley dressed up like DC Comics characters Harley Quinn and  Joker.

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