‘Teen Mom’ Star Hints at Starting OnlyFans: ‘Are You Subscribing?’

The cast of Teen Mom 2

MTV The cast of Teen Mom 2

Is another “Teen Mom” star about to join OnlyFans? That is what Leah Messer suggested might be the case for her in a recent social media post, and franchise fans shared strong opinions regarding the possibility. The mother of three girls has been showing her saucy side online quite a bit lately, and the reaction she got from fans may have prompted the tease she was considering branching out to OnlyFans.

Here’s what you need to know:

Leah Messer Suggested She Wanted Input on the Idea of an OnlyFans

Messer recently took to her Instagram page and shared some glimpses into a fun outing she had where she tried on some rather revealing ensembles. Quite a few “Teen Mom” fans gushed over Messer’s confident vibe and how she has really come out of her shell since breaking off her engagement to Jaylan Mobley. On February 5, Messer shared one photo from her sultry selection of shots on Instagram and used it to tease her followers about an OnlyFans page. “Have you guys looked up my only fans yet?” she quipped. Messer included a peeking-eye emoji and added, “JK. Let’s do a poll for my friends tho. The real question is: Are you subscribing?!” The “Teen Mom” star then added several other emojis, including an angel with a halo and a money icon, and she added “Leah ERA” as a hashtag.

As “Teen Mom” fans likely know, several other franchise stars have built a platform on OnlyFans, or have mentioned the possibility. Jenelle Evans joined OnlyFans and has been promoting it regularly on her Instagram page, and other crossovers have included Rachel Beaver, Kayla Sessler, Kiaya Elliott, and Brittany DeJesus. In addition, Briana DeJesus has shared some content on OnlyFans, and both Jade Cline and former “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham have built pages as well. Messer would clearly have plenty of colleagues to hit up if she needed guidance on how to be successful on OnlyFans, but it does not sound as if she is ready to accept subscribers yet, if ever.

Messer’s Tease Generated a Lot of Talk Among ‘Teen Mom’ Fans

Messer’s post suggesting she might start an OnlyFans page quickly generated a big reaction. The “Teen Mom” star received quite a bit of criticism, but not everybody reacted negatively.

“Leah has always been my fav mom because she’s overcome so much with dignity but this is on the borderline of Farrah behavior. Oh well, it’s her life & she’s smart,” one person commented on Messer’s Instagram post.

“Here for it. Your daughters will know that they don’t need to live by anyone else’s rules but their own. Their body, their choice. Your body, your choice babe! WERK!” countered someone else.

“Hell nah I’m embarrassed for you… Oozing desperation and the need for validation,” read a different Instagram comment.

Messer’s post was also shared in the “Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2” Reddit sub and the topic generated more than 300 comments. The reaction on Reddit was mixed, too, however.

“Nobody paying to see a bunch of Glamour Shot outtakes from a West Virginia 7,” quipped one Redditor.

“I feel like she is serious and is testing the waters by playing it off as a joke, just in case people are against the idea,” suggested someone else. Whether “Teen Mom” fans loved the idea or hated it, it seemed many will watch to see if Messer gives OnlyFans a shot.

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