WATCH: Leah Messer In Tears at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion

Leah Messer

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer broke down in tears at the "Teen Mom 2" reunion when speaking with host Dr. Drew Pinsky.

“Teen Mom 2” star Leah Messer broke down in tears at the “Teen Mom 2” reunion when speaking with host Dr. Drew Pinsky. The MTV personality was discussing her preteen daughter Ali, who suffers from titin myopathy muscular dystrophy, a rare form of the disease.

It was Pinsky who brought up Ali’s diagnosis. “A quick thing on Ali’s disorder, her muscular dystrophy — I caught that the doctor was changing her prognosis a bit, because they now have a bigger cohort with her rare genetic, specific problem, right?” he said during part two of the reunion, which aired on August 3.

Messer, 29, confirmed that she had “good news” to share with everyone. “I have just partnered with a not-for-profit organization and sent her muscle biopsy from 2012 to OSU — Ohio State University,” she said, as tears started to fill her eyes.

“Guys this has been a hell of a 12 years… for treatment and a cure…” the West Virginia native continued. “If they had us stop looking for a diagnosis, I would never be 12 years into it, we’re finding a cure in research.”

She added, “Don’t tell me f***ing science isn’t real because that’s my daughter’s livelihood.”

Pinsky said he has patients who are stepping forward and added they are on the “verge of very serious advances.”

Messer shares Ali and her twin sister, Aleeah, with ex-husband Corey Simms. Her third daughter, 8-year-old Addie, is from her relationship with second husband Jeremy Calvert.

Messer is one of the original girls to appear on “Teen Mom 2.” She first made her appearance on “16 and Pregnant” when she was expecting her twins in 2009. Since then viewers have watched her struggle in her relationships and come out the other side of an addiction to pain pills.

Messer later revealed she became addicted to the prescription medication after she was overprescribed after a botched epidural while in labor with her third daughter.

Messer Is Hopeful for a Cure

Messer penned a special message in January to continue to bring awareness to Ali’s disorder.

“There are now over 100 cases of Titin Myopathy Muscular Dystrophy worldwide,” she tweeted on January 11.

“Research is showing a life expectancy of around 70 years, as long as there are no signs of heart or lung failure,” she continued. “This news brought hope to our family.”

She followed up her message by sharing a hashtag that said, “Hope for a cure.”

Messer Defended Her Daughter Against Trolls Her Criticized Her Weight

In December 2020, Messer shut down trolls who accused Ali of being overweight.

“She needs a strict diet she has gotten obese it’s disturbing,” one person wrote, per The Sun.

“Wow. Obese? What a s**tty comment,” Messer responded on Instagram, as noted by the publication. “Unfortunately, we get comments like this frequently. So let me bring you some insight…”

“Ali’s body does not ‘build muscle’ or ‘break down fat’ the way ours do. We all eat a very healthy diet!” she continued. “Do some research on her disease. Maybe even share a meal plan idea with us next time. We would love that!”

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