EXCLUSIVE: Leah Messer’s Ex-Boyfriend Robbie Kidd Clears Up Cheating Rumors

Leah Messer

MTV/Robbie Kidd/Facebook Robbie Kidd, Leah Messer's ex-boyfriend, spoke out about their former relations on Twitter.

If you wanted to know why “Teen Mom” star Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley broke up, it wasn’t because she was hooking up with Robbie Kidd, her high school boyfriend.

Kidd spoke with Heavy on October 23, saying that he hasn’t seen Messer for more than 10 years. He was inspired to speak out after seeing a Reddit thread, where fans wondered about what he was up to after he first appeared on the show.

Messer cheated on her first husband, Corey Simms, and her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, with Kidd. Fans didn’t think it was outlandish to assume he might do the same with Messer.

However, that’s all in the past.

As far as the attention he’s been getting recently, Kidd could care less.

“None of it bothers me,” he told Heavy. “I didn’t even know my name was still a thing until the new drama happened with Leah.”

“I’m not concerned with what people I’ll more than likely never even pass on the street think of me,” he added.

‘Teen Mom’ Reddit Loves Kidd

Kidd didn’t exactly have any intentions of speaking out. But he figured he would join Reddit to “mess with” fans after his sister told him his photo had popped up on Reddit.

He talked to fans in an “Ask Me Anything” fashion, with his thread getting more than 2,300 upvotes and generating more than 1,200 comments. He became a new fan-favorite in the “Teen Mom” Reddit universe.

So what inspired Kidd to speak out now after nearly a decade of silence?

Kidd was just looking to kill some time. “I just wanted to find entertainment on a Saturday,” he told Heavy.

It was also a good opportunity for him to clear up a lot of rumors. Kidd said the biggest thing he’s been able to clear up is that he’s “not a dumb redneck.”

He didn’t even know the misconception existed until he got on Reddit. “Everyone seemed really surprised that I can speak intelligently,” he said.

Despite his new fandom in the “Teen Mom” world, he probably won’t appear on camera again. When asked if he’d be open to appearing on “Teen Mom” — if the opportunity came up — he wasn’t interested.

“I more than likely wouldn’t go on TV,” he said. “I don’t watch any of that. I’ve not even seen the episode I’m in.”

Messer Was His First Love

One of the major revelations from Kidd on the Reddit thread was when he said Messer was his “first love.” He was motivated by lust and wasn’t thinking about the consequences of his actions.

“Everyone sees this stuff and acts like I had some nefarious plan behind what I was doing. Yall understand that I was 15 years old, right?” he wrote. “Leah was my first love and I was a horny little bastard. At 15 which one of yall could truthfully tell me that you’d turn down a piece from someone you were head over heels for?”

“You think I was thinking about the future and what it was going to do to anyone? Hell no,” he continued. “I [saw an] opportunity to dance the horizontal [mambo] and took it. That’s it.”

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