Leah Messer Takes a Side in Controversial Debate

Leah Messer

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer reveals her stance on the debate between Millennials and Gen Z.

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer revealed her stance on the debate between Millennials and Gen Z — and some fans might be surprised. At 28 years old, Leah is technically a young Millennial, but she’s not going to tell anyone how to part their hair or what kind of jeans they wear. She does, however, have strong opinions when it comes to one fashion item in particular.

Leah opened up about the new generational debate, which started on TikTok last month, while exclusively talking to Heavy about the success of her memoir, Hope, Grace & Faith. The book garnered a nearly 5-star rating on Amazon from almost 3,500 reviewers. And if fans want her to write another book, Leah told Heavy she would be open to it.

For now, Leah is working on her career and being the best mother she can be to her three girls — 11-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah and 8-year-old Addie — but she also has time for fun. Leah was happy to talk about side parts and skinny jeans.

“I’m an either way kind of girl,” she said. “It just depends on my energy for the day. If my hair is leaning on the side it gets a side part for the day, if it’s leaning in the middle I’m like alright it’s a middle part today. Of course, I love the flare bottoms and I love the bell-bottoms.”

Leah is pretty easygoing when it comes to trends and personal style, but there is one look that she does not want to get rid of. “If we go into taking away our high-waisted jeans I might have an issue with that,” she said. “We got to keep the high-waisted jeans in!”

Leah Might Pursue a Career In Real Estate

Leah is leaving her options open when it comes to her career path. She’s already written a book and been on TV for more than a decade, but for her next move, she might become a real estate agent in West Virginia.

“I’m halfway through my real estate courses. I’m so excited and trying to support my brother and his contractor’s business,” she said.

Nothing is definite just yet. “I’m exploring my options with that career path. I guess we’ll see,” Leah said. “I don’t know where I’m gonna take it yet.”

It’s a different departure than what she’s done with MTV since she first appeared on 16 & Pregnant. One thing she’s learned is to never be shocked about what happens reality television realm.  “I think because I’ve been in the reality TV world for so long there’s absolutely nothing that surprises me anymore,” she noted.

Leah’s Daughters Are Already Thinking About Their Future Careers

Ali, Aleeah, and Addie might follow in their mother’s footsteps, with one of the girls saying they might want to become an author. 

“Ali loves reading and writing. She is my next best-selling author, period,” Leah shared.

Aleeah, also known as Gracie, wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up. But while their family was quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic, Aleah learned that she loved to sing and write songs.

Addie wants to be a teacher when she’s older, but there’s a little bit of a twist to her future career. “Addie’s a little funny. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher just so she can boss little kids around,” Leah said with a laugh. “And of course Addie loves dancing.”

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