Fans Ridicule Leah Messer for ‘Dragging Out’ Oral Procedure

Leah Messer

YouTube Leah Messer shares new photos of her daughters

Leah Messer geared up to show her fans her new cosmetic dental procedure on her Instagram Story over the July 4 weekend, and fans wanted her to hurry up to get to the final look.

On Reddit, one person titled the thread, “Leah is really dragging out this veneer thing.”

They then linked to a photo of Messer with a closed-lip smile. The text on the picture read, “Who is ready to see the final results?” The answers were: Yes or No.

In the comments section, fans were undecided about the procedure. One person wrote, “Bring on the horse teeth!” Another wrote, “I can tell already they’re too big for her mouth.”

However, someone else wrote, “Am I the only one who thinks she looks the same? Lots of people are saying she looks worse but I literally see no difference. Maybe in a side by side?”

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Cautioned Messer Against the Procedure

On June 21, The Sun reported that Messer visited a doctor’s office to get veneers.

She told her followers, “I am at my very first veneers appointment at Smile Savvy with Dr. Joya Lyons. Jaylan got his veneers done by her husband Dr. Drew Lyons and I’m super excited. What do you guys think?”

When she turned and asked her daughters what they thought, they said, “I’m excited.”

On Reddit, fans seemed to advise Messer against it.

“Good thing she is blowing her money on fake teeth and plastic surgery. I’m sure none of her kids will need anything for any sort of life-long health problems,” one person weighed in.

According to The Sun, an Instagram user also said, “Wait wtfffff happen to her face?” Another wrote, “Someone’s had some surgery.”

The Pregnancy Rumors

For weeks now, rumors that Messer is pregnant have circulated.

In May, the “Teen Mom” star decided to face the rumors with her current boyfriend head-on.

In an Instagram video, Messer informed her followers, “I’m not 30 and pregnant.” She added, “I was bloated last week,” to which Jaylan Mobley replied, “I ain’t mad at that. I appreciate the thickness.”

Messer and Mobley met in September 2020. In an interview with ET Online, Messer said, “We met through a project Jaylan did with ESPN and the Army that was filmed and captured by one of my PA’s in September 2020. In growing my network, I followed Jaylan, and in February of this year, we connected through DMs and he asked me on a date. On our first date, he picked me up took me to a lovely dinner at Bricks & Barrels in Charleston, West Virginia, and then we went to the Wiz Khalifa concert at the WV Power Park. It was amazing.”

According to the outlet, Mobley is a US Army cyber officer who once worked for NASA.

Asked what it is that ultimately won Messer over, she replied, “When Jaylan started checking all the boxes and characteristics that I had been looking for in a partner, I won’t even lie, I was taken aback. He’s so compassionate, caring, patient, kind, thoughtful, has a great sense of humor, is adventurous, and LOVES kids. I swore he wasn’t real!”

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