Fans React to ‘Teen Mom’ Son’s Princess Halloween Costume

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MTV The MTV star said she would delete messages from anyone who said something negative.

A majority of “Teen Mom” fans praised “Young & Pregnant” star Lexi Tatman after she said she would remove negative comments about her 3-year-old son’s Halloween costume. Tobias dressed as Princess Peach Toadstool, a fictional character from Nintendo’s Mario franchise.

“Happy Halloween ghouls and goblins🎃 from princess peach, Mickey Mouse, a businessman and a devil (deal with the devil),” Tatman wrote via Instagram on October 31, 2021. “Any rude comments will be deleted so don’t even waste your time. If you can’t hold it in then go shove a fat cactus up your a**.”

True to her word, 21-year-old Tatman removed any comments about her son that weren’t positive.

The “Young & Pregnant” star received support from “Teen Mom” fans on Reddit, with a thread about Tobias’ costume garnering hundreds of upvotes and scores of comments.

“I love that she let him dress how he wanted and is protecting his right to do so,” one person wrote.

“I support any parent who respects the wishes of their child and honors their preferences! Good on you Lexi,” another person added.

Some fans noted that they would like to see Tatman and her family on MTV again. “Maybe an unpopular opinion but I think she should have been given more of a chance to build a storyline,” they wrote.

“I’d rather see moments like this than neglect and the same boring ‘who’s the real dad’ storyline over and over,” they continued. “Plus I thought it was really interesting that she was looking into becoming a mortician! I would have liked to see more about her pursuing that.”

Tatman Issued a Statement About The Costume

Tatman took to Instagram the following day, where she thanked her followers for their support.

“First off, I’d just love to say thank you to everyone for the support and compliments on my last post for Halloween!” she wrote.

“For everyone who just can’t wrap their tiny brain around why [Tobias] was Princess Peach, [I’ll] just skip, but I wanted to share with everyone else… please do not feel as if you have to give me praise for letting [Tobias] dress up. I’m just being a parent, supporting and encouraging my boy,” Tatam said. “I cannot thank you all enough for the kind words and encouragement, but I’m just doing what parents should be doing and loving their kids unconditionally.”

Tatman wrote a special message to people who felt like their parents didn’t support them. “Secondly, I’m so sorry from the bottom of my heart if you parents weren’t/are not supportive of you,” the “Young & Pregnant” star added. “Parents should provide a supportive and good environment for their kiddos. Just know that I will support y’all.”

Tatman Was Cut From ‘Young & Pregnant’ After One Season

Tatman and her fiancé, Kyler Lopez, were one of the stars to appear on “Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” when it debuted in March 2018. However, Tatman’s stint on MTV was short-lived.

She and her family were fired from the show after one season, where co-stars like Jade Cline and Ashley Siren Jones were promoted to “Teen Mom 2.”

“MTV basically felt that her story wasn’t interesting enough to continue with,” an insider told The Ashley’s Reality Round Up. “Lexi was not the one who discontinued filming. Lexi really had no idea that she was not going to be part of season two.”

“Nothing big happened or anything,” they added. “She wasn’t being punished.”

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