‘Teen Mom’ Blasts Criticism Over Son’s Princess Costume

Teen Mom

MTV The "Teen Mom" alum said fans can unfollow her if they don't like what she posts.

“Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” alum Lexi Tatman wanted to clear up some rumors after she posted pictures of her 3-year-old son, Tobias, wearing a Princess Peach costume for Halloween. She slammed accusations that she was turning her son “into a girl” and advised fans to unfollow her if they didn’t like the content she shared.

“This is the last thing that I’m going to address… because this is getting ridiculous,” Tatman, 21, said at the beginning of her Instagram video on November 2, 2021, according to the fan account Teen Mom Chatter. “Y’all are something else, honestly.”

“Firstly, don’t tell me that I don’t need to defend myself because I know — and I’m not,” she said. “I’m just stating the facts because some of y’all got it all f****** twisted up in your head thinking things that actually didn’t happen and it’s weird. It is so weird that you make up that s***.”

In the second part of her video, Tatman addressed a photo where her son had the front of his hair tied up. “Tobias had his hair up in a scrunchie because he was getting his face painted,” she explained. “If you see him, he has longer hair. He has it to where it covers his forehead where his Luigi hat was f***** going. If you scroll through the photos, it’s Luigi.”

“So y’all need to stop f****** tell me that I’m turning my son into a girl because I’m not,” she finished. “I’m letting him do what he wants. If you don’t like it, y’all can unfollow. I literally don’t care.”

Tatman and her fiance Kyler Lopez appeared on the first season of “Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” in March 2018. Their gig on MTV didn’t last for long, with the couple being dropped before season two.

“MTV basically felt that her story wasn’t interesting enough to continue with,” an insider told The Ashley’s Reality Round Up. “Lexi was not the one who discontinued filming. Lexi really had no idea that she was not going to be part of season two.”

Tatman Thanked Fans for Their Support

When Tatman initially issued a statement about her son’s Halloween costume, she ignored the backlash and focused on the positive response she received from social media users.

“First off, I’d just love to say thank you to everyone for the support and compliments on my last post for Halloween!” she wrote, as noted by Teen Mom Chatter.

“Please do not feel as if you have to give me praise for letting [Tobias] dress up,” she continued. “I’m just being a parent, supporting and encouraging my boy,” Tatam said. “I cannot thank you all enough for the kind words and encouragement, but I’m just doing what parents should be doing and loving their kids unconditionally.”

Tatman Deleted ‘Rude’ Comments About Her Son’s Halloween Costume

Before people had a chance to say anything negative, Tatman wrote a warning on her Halloween post.

“Happy Halloween ghouls and goblins🎃 from princess peach, Mickey Mouse, a businessman and a devil (deal with the devil),” she captioned her Halloween October 31, 2021.

“Any rude comments will be deleted so don’t even waste your time,” she added at the end. “If you can’t hold it in then go shove a fat cactus up your a**.”

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