Fans Accuse ‘Teen Mom’ Baby Daddy of Not Having ‘Bond’ With Daughter

Teen Mom 2

YouTube This is what some fans think is the "worst" red carpet photo ever.

A resurfaced photo of Luis Hernandez and his daughter, Stella, has surfaced on Reddit, and fans are accusing the “Teen Mom” baby daddy of not having a “bond” with his daughter.

On June 26, a fan posted the photo below, and captioned it, “Stella literally not knowing who Luis is. He should be embarrassed.”

In the comments section, people weighed in on the snap, discussing Hernandez’s relationship with his daughter. One person wrote, “He is a POS for screwing with her mind and leaving another child too, he does have another child he didn’t raise too. What an a**hole!

Another wrote, “The fact his daughter doesn’t know him or have any sort of bond with him…..that should make him feel like the biggest POS but these type of parents have zero shame. Brianna is such an idiot for still messing around him. Then in the next breathe, she’s crying because Luis isn’t a dad to Stella.”

And a third wrote, “I agree. Luis doesn’t need any more chances, Briana has pushed this a million times and he never changes.”

Here’s what you need to know:

DeJesus Cried Over Hernandez ‘Not Showing up’ for Stella in ‘Teen Mom’

In an April episode of “Teen Mom,” fans watched DeJesus cry over Hernandez’s absence and “never showing up” for Stella.

After Herandez did not show up to Stella’s doctor’s appointment, DeJesus called Hernandez’s parents saying that he “doesn’t call to see how [Stella is] doing.”

Through tears, she said, “Hopefully Luis can get his s**t together and hopefully you guys could do the same. And if not, that’s fine, because I’ve been the best mom I can be, and if he doesn’t want to be in Stella’s life, he needs to let me know that.”

DeJesus continued, “I’m not gonna hate him, and we can take the necessary steps to remove him off the birth certificate… so that he’s not in my way of taking care of Stella. Right now, the first person that’s breaking Stella’s heart is her own dad.”

“It’s very sad that I’m doing all of this by myself and I’m trying to figure this out by myself and not having Stella’s dad’s support, it hurts,” DeJesus said. “But then at the same time, this is just something we have been doing since day one and I don’t know anything else so I’ve just been doing what I need to do for my children.”

Stella Hernandez’s Health Issues

Fans were upset over Hernandez’s absence as well, especially amid her many health issues.

On the April 12 episode of “Teen Mom 2,” Stella told DeJesus that her heart hurt and was “beating fast” and was taken to the hospital. In a clip, DeJesus explained, “I tried not to show Stella that I was scared. I tried to be strong. I tried to not let her know that I was very concerned. Obviously, it was a very scary situation.”

After the ER trip, Stella visited a cardiologist, and Hernandez did not attend the appointment.

On Reddit, a fan wrote, “If I was Luis, I wouldn’t film either. It should already be embarrassing enough to be a deadbeat.”

And on Twitter, one person wrote, “Briana…the easy way to handle Luis’ excuse of not wanting to film is to call his bluff. If he says that’s why he’s not coming, tell him you won’t have the cameras there and see what excuse he has then. #TeenMom2.”

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