Fans Say Maci Bookout Wasn’t ‘Making Sense’ at Reunion

Maci Bookout

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout seemed "definitely off" during part two of the reunion, according to some viewers.

“Teen Mom OG” star Maci Bookout seemed “definitely off” during part two of the reunion, according to some viewers.

“It’s time to get real about Maci,” an original poster wrote on Reddit. “She was f***** out of her mind at the reunion, like not even making sense. She is increasingly visibly inebriated in all her scenes overall.”

Responses to the original poster’s statement were mixed. While some people argued Bookout should be given some grace because she is struggling with PTSD, others accused the Tennessee native of abusing pills and alcohol. Though Bookout has drunken beers and hard seltzers on camera, she has never talked about having an issue with drugs or alcohol.

“Active work on PTSD can really mess with your mind. You are confronting things that your brain buried for a reason,” one person said. “Give the woman some grace.”

Not everyone had the same outlook. “Something is definitely off,” they said. “Maci has always been pretty sharp and there was a huge contrast just in the clip they showed from 2018. I like Maci and I hope she can get better soon.”

Bookout, 30, is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after being involved in a fatal shooting in a Chatanooga, Tennessee, gas station in October 2020. Bookout feared for her life and allowed “Teen Mom OG” to document the aftermath.

One of the things MTV showed was Bookout being afraid to pump her own gas. She even relinquished her role of driving her 13-year-old son, Bentley, to school, having her husband, Taylor McKinney, do it instead.

Giving up one of her parenting duties is one of the things that caused stress in her marriage to McKinney. Their relationship struggles were also featured in this season of “Teen Mom OG.”

Bookout Became Emotional at the Reunion

Bookout — who is also the mother to 6-year-old Jayde Carter and 5-year-old Maverick, the children she shares with McKinney — broke down in tears when she started to talk about her emotions.

Reunion host Dr. Drew Pinsky asked Bookout about her bond with Bentley. Earlier in the season, she accused McKinney of being a “Benny thief” because her husband was spending more time with her son.

“If I’m being honest it hasn’t really improved,” Bookout said. She admitted to being “selfish” and said she has an “unhealthy relationship with emotion.”

“It was kind of weird because I’m like, I don’t know if this is natural way of feeling and I just kind of always to myself would just be like ‘just be thankful that they have a relationship,'” she confessed.

“Sometimes it’s like ‘just stop and be thankful,’ but then at the same time Bentley is just getting older and it’s one of those ya know there’s certain things he doesn’t want to talk to me about,” Bookout said. “I think I like overthought it.”

Bookout then began to talk about “homesickness” and how she’s afraid to be alone. When Pinsky asked her where this emotion was coming from, she said she felt it for the first time when she miscarried in 2017. She named the baby Dandy.

“I wasn’t home by myself so when I was alone, I wasn’t comfortable, and I needed that to change. But because I disconnected all emotions, I didn’t know who I was. So it was scary, so I didn’t feel safe alone,” she said.

Bookout said she was “trying not to shut down” and wiped away her tears with a tissue. “I just love the human I am now. I’m not a robot.”

“I’m present instead of possessive,” she said. “I’m here, I’m present and it’s beautiful and it’s fine.”

Bookout Denied Having Marital Issues

Later in the segment, Bookout was joined by her husband. When McKinney came out on the stage, the “Teen Mom OG” star looked at the father of her children and told him he was “wonderful.”

“We lived a good life, I’m just glad I got him. He’s wonderful,” she said.

Pinsky said he was confused about what specific issues they were having in their marriage, and Bookout revealed they were having communication problems. She then went on to say that physical touch is her love language.

“I don’t need you to tell me I’m pretty and say ‘thank you.’ Like, just grab my a** and give me a kiss on the cheek, we’re good,” she said. “It’s my love language.”

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