Taylor McKinney Demands More From Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Taylor McKinney, who is married to Maci Bookout, wasn't exactly convinced Ryan Edwards was ready to be in Bentley's life after attending one therapy session.

Teen Mom OG star Taylor McKinney, who is married to Maci Bookout, wasn’t exactly convinced Ryan Edwards was ready to be in Bentley’s life after attending one therapy session. On the April 13 episode of Teen Mom OG, Taylor said he “wasn’t comfortable” with his stepson seeing his biological father; he feared that Ryan was still abusing substances and suggested Ryan take a drug test before reconnecting with Bentley.

“If Bentley and Dr. Ed feel comfortable bringing Ryan into a session, I think [Ryan] should take a drug test cause the few things he shows up to, he doesn’t look sober to me, in my opinion,” Taylor told Maci.

The mother-of-three seemed more hopeful. “I was shocked. I think Bentley was too,” she told her husband about Ryan doing a one-hour counseling session. “I hope it does whatever it needs to make Ryan feel good enough or comfortable enough to do it again.”

She added that Bentley seemed “eager” to tell her that Ryan talked with his therapist but he wasn’t exactly excited. “I think he’s trying not to expect things,” Maci said.

Taylor Said Ryan Is a ‘Dark Cloud’

Taylor was pessimistic that Ryan would continue with therapy.

“I’d be nervous to get excited about anything like that. He doesn’t really stick to anything,” he said. “He’s like a dark cloud.”

While Taylor was occupied with Ryan’s sobriety, Maci was just concerned about her son’s wellbeing. “That’s just a bridge we’ll cross when we get there. I’m just worried about Bentley right now,” she said. “Therapy is a thing where if you do it once, you feel relieved. After that, I’m gonna do it again maybe. We’ll see. It’s a step.”

Taylor didn’t seem convinced. “I wouldn’t feel comfortable with Bentley being around him,” he reiterated.

Ryan Said the Therapy Session With Dr. Ed Went Well

Ryan might have waited more than a month to make an appointment with Dr. Ed after Bentley first made the suggestion, but once he agreed to chat with the therapist, he liked how the conversation went.

Ryan had been apprehensive about the session before speaking with the counselor. “I don’t really like to talk about myself,” he told wife Mackenzie Edwards. Ryan added that he was “ready” and had “mentally prepared” himself.

After chatting with Dr. Ed, both Ryan and Mackenzie were optimistic about their future relationship with Bentley.

“My goal for this is just to get the truth out, the good, bad and the ugly, even if it’s something about me that maybe will be hard to tell him, that way, whether he believes it or not, at least he’s heard it and once you hear it you can never unhear it so, it’ll always be in the back of his mind,” Ryan said. ” Hopefully it’ll work out.”

The reality TV dad added that it went ” a lot better” than he expected. “He’s a cool guy it seems like,” Ryan said about Dr. Ed. “I told him to keep rolling with it,” he said about continuing more sessions. “I was really impressed. I can’t believe the conversations went on for an hour and he was really easy to talk to.”

Ryan said there wasn’t a set number of solo sessions he had to do before he and Bentley could talk to Dr. Ed together. “When it happens it happens,” Ryan told his wife.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss the Season 9 reunion of Teen Mom OG when it airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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