‘Teen Mom’ Wants Maci & Mackenzie to Face-Off: Report

Maci Bookout

MTV MTV producers are trying to arrange an on-screen meeting between "Teen Mom OG" stars Maci Bookout and Mackenzie Edwards.

MTV producers are trying to arrange an on-screen meeting between Teen Mom OG stars Maci Bookout and Mackenzie Edwards, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup wrote in an exclusive report. The MTV personalities have been in a bitter feud, where they’ve hurled insults toward each other on Teen Mom OG and social media. Now, MTV producers want the women to have a sit-down, but one of them is not willing to film the face-to-face.

Mackenzie wants to film the meeting, but Maci doesn’t want to participate, according to The Ashley’s source. Maci, however, publicly claimed that Mackenzie is the one who’s avoiding a discussion.

If the accusation is true, viewers will get to see how everything played out on Teen Mom OG next season. “That was filmed for next season — Mackenzie texting Maci, and talking about how she just wants things to not be so tense between the families,” an insider told the publication. “She thought a sit-down lunch or something might be a good thing to help them talk out their issues.”

Mackenzie reportedly tried to reach out to Maci before the PCOS advocate began roasting her via Twitter the last two weeks. “The producers know it would be ratings gold, so they’ve been highly encouraging it, but so far Maci has refused and kind of ignored their requests,” an insider said. “If Maci wanted to go face-to-face with Mackenzie, she could have already.”

Maci and Ryan share 12-year-old son Bentley Edwards together. In recent years Ryan has struggled with a heroin addiction, leading him to spend time in prison and rehab. As Bentley’s relationship with his father became strained, he said he would like to explore therapy with Ryan. This didn’t exactly sit well with Ryan, who accused Maci of stirring drama. Ryan’s own father, Larry Edwards, also stoked flames by speaking to the tabloids about their personal drama.

Since Larry’s confessed about speaking to The Sun — and Mackenzie repeatedly called Maci a “petty b****” — Maci hasn’t been holding back her true feelings anymore. She hasn’t, however, publicly responded to reports about refusing to meet with Mackenzie to resolve their issues.

Mackenzie Also Reached out to Production Herself

When Mackenzie didn’t hear from Maci, she contacted production directly.

“Mackenzie reached out to [production] a few weeks ago, letting them know that she wanted to sit down with Maci privately and see if they could resolve some of their issues,” the source explained to The Ashley. “Maci refused to give the producers an answer on whether or not she was willing.”

Maci, however, has made other claims, like saying she would box Mackenzie for charity.

Maci Accused Ryan and Mackenzie of Being ‘Pigs’

Maci, 29, live-tweeted during the March 16 episode of Teen Mom OG, and referred to her ex and his wife as “pigs.”

“I’ll never wrestle with pigs, you both get dirty… but the pig likes it!” she wrote while the episode aired. “Truth hurts.”

After receiving praise from co-star Mackenzie Douthit McKee, Maci admitted that her “fuse was coming to its end.”

While speaking to husband Taylor McKinney during the March 16 episode, Maci lamented that Bentley might eventually cut off his paternal family.  “At some point, I feel like Bentley is legit going to say, ‘I’m out. I’m done,’” she said.

According to Maci, it’s up to the Edwards to make things right with her son. “I don’t have to do anything. I honestly don’t have anything to do with salvaging the relationship he has with any of them,” Maci said. “They do.”

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