Maci Bookout Blasts Ryan & Mackenzie Over ‘Petty’ Diss

Maci Bookout

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout was not about to remain quiet after Mackenzie Edwards, the wife of her ex-fiancee Ryan, accused her of being a "petty b****."

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout was not about to remain quiet after Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards accused her of being a “petty b****.” Maci took to Twitter on the day the new episode of Teen Mom OG aired, where Ryan and Mackenzie slammed her for Bentley backing out of his decision to go to his brother birthday’s party at his father’s house.

“I really wanted to post some ‘petty b***’ (and hilarious) comments, but I’ll wait until they can tell me the definition of ‘petty’ without googling it and reading it aloud,” Maci, 29, tweeted on February 23.

Earlier, she had posted a cryptic message, originally written by Yogi Bhajan:

If you are willing to look at another person’s behavior toward you as a reflection of the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your value as a person, then you will, over a period of time, cease to react at all.

The Tennessee native defended her son. “Bentley is an outstanding human being. I have never known a person with the kindness, patient, and heart that he has,” she tweeted. “I’m so blessed to be his mom!”

Mackenzie Said Maci Was Interfearing With Her Kids’ Emotions

The drama unfolded when Ryan, 33, told his wife that Bentley wasn’t going to come to the party at their house.

“So history repeats itself? It’s like every October and November have been some drama fest,” Mackenzie, 24, said. “That’s really annoying.”

Mackenzie argued that Maci was wrong to allow Bentley to pull out of the party because she already told her children their half-brother was going to attend.

“I’m over it Ryan, I’m over it,” Mackenzie said. “I’m responsible for these kids’ emotions and their feelings and they don’t deserve that. It’s one thing to be a petty b****, like OK that’s fine. When you just start including my kids, that’s not okay with me.”

Ryan Called Maci a ‘Spiteful, Evil, B****’

Ryan insinuated the drama with Maci wasn’t worth fighting for a relationship with his son. “Mom’s reasoning was that the cameras were going to be around and he wasn’t going to feel comfortable. But I think that’s mom covering for Maci,” he said. “She doesn’t want to make Maci mad in fear of Bentley not being able to come over. I mean, I know she wants to see Bentley but there comes a point in time where you can only take so much.”

He then blasted his ex: “She’s just a spiteful, evil, b**** and that’s exactly what she is.”

Bentley originally agreed to celebrated Jagger’s second birthday party when he thought it was at his paternal grandparents’ house. He called his grandmother, Jen Edwards, and expressed that he didn’t feel comfortable going to Ryan’s house since he hadn’t seen him in months.

Bentley, 12, previously said he was setting boundaries with his father since they have become estranged and he wants to start therapy with him. For now, Bentley has been attending counseling individually, with his therapist telling Maci her son feels “neglected” by his father. She’s vowed to do whatever she can to help her son and supported his decision to back out of the party when the plans changed.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom OG when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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