Maci Bookout’s Suspicious Text from Mackenzie Edwards

Mackenzie Edwards Maci Bookout

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout said it was "shocking" that Ryan Edwards' wife reached out to her after the reunion blowup.

“Teen Mom OG” star Maci Bookout said it was “shocking” that Ryan Edwards’ wife, Mackenzie Standifer, reached out to her after the reunion blowup. The MTV personality didn’t hold back when talking to her husband, Taylor McKinney, about a message from Standifer.

McKinney and Larry Edwards fought during the season nine tell-all. Both men lunged at each other from across the couch, exchanging words. The segment ended with McKinney accusing Edwards’ parents of being harder on Bentley — the 12-year-old son shared by Bookout and Edwards — than they are on their adult son.

In the September 14 episode of “Teen Mom OG,” Standifer said she wanted to meet with Bookout to make things better between the families.

“Hey…if you’re free in the next week or two, I’d love to meet up and talk over lunch and maybe clear the air a little,” the text read. “I want things to be better…I’m free on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11-1.”

Edwards had encouraged his wife to reach out. “You should ask her right now, to sit down with her for Bentley’s sake,” he said. “That way she can’t lie about it if it’s on camera and she says no or whatever.”

Bookout Accused Standifer of Being Phony

Bookout wasn’t interested in sitting down with Bentley’s stepmother. “That text was not genuine. It wasn’t,” she told her husband. “I’m sitting there thinking like, nothing she could ever do or say will ever change my mind about the type of person she is. That’s it.”

“It’s actually shocking she thinks I’d be the first one I wanna build a bridge with,” Bookout added. “Absolutely not. I’m glad I didn’t respond.”

McKinney agreed with his wife’s decision. “She’s one of the biggest s—stirrers there is,” he said.

Bookout was ready to cut off contact with her oldest son’s paternal family. “I don’t plan on having any communication with them,” she said.

Edwards Has ‘So Much Dislike’ for Bookout & McKinney

Edwards and Standifer refused to attend the tell-all, which ended with one of the worst blowouts in reunion history. In the past, Bookout used to have a close relationship with Bentley’s paternal grandparents, who attended her 2016 wedding to McKinney.

As Bookout’s relationship with Edwards soured, the “Teen Mom OG” star’s connection to Bentley’s grandparents also spiraled.

Edwards holds a similar disdain toward his ex. “Mom and Dad had that little spat with Maci and Taylor. Dad, I guess, is still upset about it,” Edwards said on the September 14 episode. “What kind of person wants to beat up a senior citizen? I just have so much dislike for both of them.”

“You can say whatever you want to say without getting in someone else’s face, without calling them names,” Standifer agreed.

Still, Standifer said she wanted to make things “better” and “clear the air” with the McKinneys. “It just stinks that there’s like a kid in the middle of it,” she reasoned.

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