Why Some Fans Think Maci Bookout May Be Getting Divorced

Maci Bookout

MTV "Teen Mom OG" stars Maci Bookout and husband Taylor McKinney battled rumors they were headed toward divorce.

“Teen Mom OG” stars Maci Bookout and husband Taylor McKinney battled rumors they were headed toward divorce after they had an “awkward” dinner on the season finale.

A Reddit thread about their fireside chat attracted hundreds of upvotes and more than 500 comments as fans talked about the state of McKinney’s marriage to Bookout. At the end of the segment, Bookout said she would be fine without her husband if they weren’t together.

“Taylor Realizing His Marriage is F*****,” the title of the thread says.

In the video the original poster edited, Bookout starts out by saying “this year has been gnarly” and there are going to be “so many divorce.” She laughs and then McKinney reaches out to grab her hand.

“But not us tho right?” the edited content reads above McKinney’s head as if they were his internal thoughts during the scene.

As Bookout tries to speak with her husband about why they’re still together after a “gnarly” year, the original poster starts to play “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel.

Fans Predicted Bookout Was ‘Done’ With McKinney

While some of the comments were about the original poster making a joke out of the scene, others responded to the possibility of McKinney and Bookout breaking up, saying the “Teen Mom OG” star was “done” with her husband.

“Do you all think Maci or Taylor would file for divorce? It seems like their marriage will inevitably end, the next question is when?” one person asked.

“Most heterosexual divorces are initiated by wives and in this specific case TAYLOR seems like he still wants to make his marriage to MACI work while she’s over it all,” said a responder. “So my ovaries are on MACI filing for divorce!

“I got the strong vibe he still loves her and she is done,” one social media user added. “She doesn’t look or act like she loves him anymore.”

Bookout Became Emotional at the Reunion

Bookout and McKinney’s segment is slated to air in part two of the reunion, but MTV shared a preview where the Tennessee native got choked up.

“I’m trying not to shut down,” she said in the teaser. “I just love the human I am now. I’m not a robot.”

In another clip, where Bookout was on the couch with McKinney, she said: “Grab my ass, give me a kiss on the cheek, we’re good.” McKinney sat next to his wife quietly and nodded his head.

In the series finale, however, Bookout questioned why McKinney still wanted to be married.

Bookout wasn’t satisfied when McKinney said he wanted to continue their relationship because he loved her. “But I mean I love a lot of people that I can’t fricken stand,” she said.

“But it ain’t your answer. It’s my answer. You can tell me your answer. That’s my answer,” McKinney said “I love you so if I want to fight for you because I love you that’s what I’m fighting for.”

When it was her turn to talk about why she wanted to stay in the marriage, Bookout took a moment to gather her thoughts.

“I’d rather put up with your s*** than not have your s*** to put up with,” she said. “That’s marriage. Find that person.”

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