Maci Bookout’s Dramatic Relationship With Ryan Edwards’ Parents

Larry and Taylor

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout has always struggled when it comes to her relationship with ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards, but she used to be on cordial terms with his parents.

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout has always struggled when it comes to her relationship with ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards, but her husband Taylor McKinney stepped in when Ryan’s parents criticized her. Jen and Larry Edwards appeared opposite Maci and Taylor during part one of the season nine reunion, but tensions rose after Larry sat on the edge of the ouch to confront Maci.

Ryan has struggled with substance abuse and spent time in prison because of his addiction. He claims to now be sober, but Maci’s husband suspects that he’s still under the influence of drugs. They’re not entirely convinced that it’s healthy for Bentley to be around his biological father.

Fans on Twitter celebrated Taylor for defending Maci and Bentley. The Tennessee father took issue with Ryans’ parents not holding him accountable, calling his wife’s ex a “sorry excuse for a human being.” He also lambasted Ryan for not being able to keep his eyes open during his segments on Teen Mom OG and questioned if he was still sober.

“I’m so proud of Taylor! He’s been holding that in for a long time and it’s ALL true! Jen and Larry are the biggest enablers!” one fan tweeted. 

“Taylor fights for Bentley like he’s his son… Ryan should take notes!! Jen and Larry should kiss the ground Taylor walks on for doing everything their son doesn’t!” another added.

A third person said Ryan’s parents should be harder on him: “If only Jen talked to Ryan the way she talked to Taylor maybe he would have grown up to be a semi-decent human being.” 

Larry & Taylor Were Literally on the Edge of Their Seats

Things took a dramatic turn at the season nine reunion when Larry attempted to confront Maci about being concerned about the safety of 12-year-old Bentley, the son she shares with Ryan. Larry sat at the edge of his seat, prompting Maci’s husband Taylor McKinney to become angry with Bentley’s grandfather.

Taylor cautioned Larry not to “buck up” to his wife — if Larry had something he wanted to get off his chest he should say it to Taylor.

As tensions rose during the reunion, Taylor released his true feelings about Ryan and the way Jen and Larry treat Bentley.

“When you’re forcing [Bentley] when y’all are showing up to something and you’re telling him to ‘Go over there and give your dad a hug, go take a picture with your dad,’ Bentley is a child,” he said, becoming stern. “Stop forcing a relationship on the child.”

In another contentious moment, Taylor accused Jen and Larry of being hard on Bentley. “Ryan has never been there for him, but y’all put it on, Bentley!” Taylor told Larry. “You’re a sorry son of a b****,” Taylor said at another point.

Ryan’s Mom Feels Stuck in the Middle

Ryan’s dad responded to the situation with anger while his mother Jen became emotional. She wanted Maci to know that they feel stuck in the “middle” when it comes to Maci’s strained relationship with their son.

Jen said Maci would act the same way if Bentley ever became addicted to drugs. “You know how much we love Bentley and you know how much we wanted to support Ryan’s recovery and it’s so hard,” she told Maci. “I mean if you put yourself in our place and if Bentley had a problem down the road I know for a fact that you would do everything in your power to support him.”

Maci clarified that she never wanted Ryan’s parents to give up on him. “I don’t think that y’all should,” she said. “I never thought that should happen or even wanted you to.”

In addition to Bentley, Maci, 29, shares two children with Taylor: daughter Jayde, 5, and son Maverick, 4​​​. The couple has been married since 2016.

Don’t miss part two of the Teen Mom OG reunion when it airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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