Mackenzie McKee Talks About Cheating in New Posts

Mackenzie McKee

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Mackenzie McKee opened up about the way MTV edits her segments, especially concerning her husband Josh McKee.

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee opened up about the way MTV edits her segments, especially concerning her husband Josh McKee. Both stars have been open about their affairs, though Mackenzie accused MTV of showcasing Josh’s “faults” while “hiding” hers.

“I gotta give it to this show. They have managed to do a great job at hiding all of my faults and highlighting Josh’s,” she tweeted on March 16 hours before a new episode aired. “Most days I feel as if it’s my marriage against the world. I can be married or divorce him to make y’all happy.”

In the second part of her message, Mackenzie defended her husband. “Because if you all think he’s been unfaithful beyond what I have? It’s comical. Am I proud? No. We married way too young and both came to a place of wondering if we belong together,” she continued. “I can’t sit back and be called weak anymore.”

Mackenzie and Josh got married in 2013, two years after they welcome son Gannon when Mackenzie was 16 years old. The couple also shares 7-year-old daughter Jaxie and 4-year-old son Broncs. Teen Mom has highlighted Josh’s infidelities, but Mackenzie has admitted to her own indiscretions as well.

Mackenzie Defended Josh on Social Media Previously

Mackenzie stood up for Josh last month after social media users criticized her for staying with Josh. The chatter started after she posted a picture of her partner for Valentine’s Day.

The picture showed Mackenzie and Josh dancing in the woods with big smiles on their faces. “Happy Valentine’s Day to my loves and to you all,” she wrote.

After receiving blowback from her followers, Mackenzie sounded off in her Instagram stories.

“I nearly forgot I am [no] longer [allowed] to post a photo with my children’s father and not turn the comments off,” she wrote. “If you do not support me and my family, it’s super simple, free, and easy to unfollow.”

Mackenzie Accused Josh of Having an Affair With Her Cousin

One of the reasons fans are hard on Josh is because Mackenzie claimed she caught Josh having an affair with her cousin. She made the accusation in May 2020 on a public Facebook post. She later walked back her claim, saying Josh and her family member were having an emotional affair but things never became physical.

“Josh and I were separated, I was seeing someone, and my stupid cousin was giving him ‘advice’ and supposedly taking my side,” she continued. “I really try to stay [quiet]. But seeing ‘you took him back after banging your cousin’ is getting ridiculous.”

“She is twice our age and although him asking her advice on ‘how to handle me when I push him away’ was not OK in my eyes, you are all making up things in your head,” Mackenzie, 26, added. “I am stupid, but damn, I am not that stupid.”

Shortly after the cheating scandal about Josh and her cousin blew up, Mackenzie told Champion Daily that it was “petty” of her to put her personal information online.

“According to them it ‘isn’t what it looks like, but looking back it’s wrong,’” she said to the publication. “And he says she was always telling him he needs to man up and be here for me.”

“It’s inappropriate and, in my eyes, this is an emotional affair…I feel betrayed by my own family and things will never be the same,” the Oklahoma native finished.

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