Mackenzie Edwards’ Cryptic Post Fuels Divorce Rumors

Mackenzie Edwards

MTV "Teen Mom OG" alum Mackenzie Edwards is done playing games.

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Edwards is done playing games as her family’s ongoing feud with Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney continues to boil. While some fans assumed she was talking about Maci, others thought Mackenzie was hinting she was ready to leave her husband Ryan Edwards.

Ryan is a recovering drug addict who has spent time in prison and done multiple stints in rehab. Some people — including Maci’s husband Taylor McKinney — accused the recovering addict of relapsing.

“…she remembered who she was and the game changed,” Mackenzie shared via Instagram on April 30. The only caption she provided for the post was three emojis: “🖤💥🥊”

Even though many of the responses were critical of Mackenzie and her husband, the 25-year-old did not disable the comments on her post. Three days after it was posted the image garnered more than 300 replies from Mackenzie’s 545,000 followers.

The top comment, with more than 300 likes, is about Mackenzie possibly divorcing her husband. “Please say you’re leaving Ryan,” it reads. “She’s leaving. I give it 6 months,” another said.

One person remarked on how it’s difficult to live with someone who is recovering from addiction.

“Loving an addict is tough. No one that is commenting, even myself, knows what all has really been said. Addiction is tough, co-parenting can be tough, hell life, in general, is tough enough,” they said. “We can choose to make it better or worse, simply by how we treat others. Everyone has had a few minutes in your life that you’d be mortified to air on tv.”

Mackenzie Has a New Career Path After ‘TMOG’ Firing

Mackenzie and her husband Ryan might have been fired from TMOG, but they both have plans for what they’re going to do next. While Ryan is going to be building dune buggies, Mackenzie said she is working on a fitness plan for her followers after embarking on a weight loss journey of her own.

“I think it’s time to address the elephant in the room and no we are not doing Teen Mom at this point in time,” Mackenzie said via Instagram on April 5, as recorded by Teen Mom Talk. “We’ve been having this conversation for a long time but it’s hard to pull the trigger on something like that. But we got the phone call saying we’re not going to be doing Teen Mom anymore and we both felt at peace.”

“I have been putting together a fitness plan since I started my fitness journey close to a year ago,” she continued. “I had decided that I was going to curate a plan with trainers and I got a team together and we are finally making that dream a reality and I’m so excited.”

Mackenzie Is Happy Her Time on ‘TMOG’ Is Over

Mackenzie is “relieved” she no longer has to be camera-ready.

“It’s like a weight lifted off my shoulders,” she told Katie Joy from Without a Cyrstal Ball in April. “I deserve to feel good about myself. I deserve to not be riddled with anxiety all the time.”

She and Ryan didn’t try to fight for their position in the series. “We’re gonna move on. We’re gonna live our lives. We’re gonna do our jobs and, you know, have a normal life,” Mackenzie added.

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