Mackenzie McKee Blasts Co-Stars After Family Death

Mackenzie McKee

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Mackenzie McKee was not pleased with her co-stars.

“Teen Mom OG” star Mackenzie McKee was not pleased with her co-stars. The MTV personality said it was “evil and toxic” after co-stars like Maci Bookout and Briana DeJesus posted a “clickbait” article about her brother’s death.

She claimed the new stories being written on November 11, 2021, about her brother dying 15 years ago made it seem like it just happened.

McKee’s older brother Mike, who had down syndrome, died when he was 55 years old from a blood clot. She was 11 at the time.

Her parents — Brad and Angie Douthit — adopted Mike when he was 37 years old after his own parents passed away.

McKee has another brother, Zeke Douthit, and she feared the headlines made it sound like Zeke Douthit was the sibling who died — not Mike.

“Everyone knows I have a brother who is alive, he works for me,” McKee said about Zeke Douthit on Instagram live, according to Teen Mom Chatter.

The headline used by the clickbait company read: “Mackenzie confirms her sibling died.”

McKee refused to post it to her own account. “It sounds pretty insensitive. This is a really touchy topic,” she said. “I’ve taken a lot lately but this is not OK. This is not the way to make money.”

That didn’t stop other “Teen Mom” stars from posting it.

“I get on social media media and they’ve all posted it,” the Body By Mac founder said.

“This clickbait stuff is not okay. It’s toxic and it’s evil and it’s spreading lies about each other. It is not a good way to make money,” McKee continued. “How do you think this makes me feel? You’re talking about my dead brother.”

McKee, 27, lamented the “clickbait” company who pays her to post stories would not write an article about her criticism of them.

She then walked back the statements about her co-stars, adding: “This is no hate towards anyone because I know they probably don’t even know it’s up.”

McKee Said Mike Was a ‘Blessing’

Hours before the “clickbait” articles went up, McKee was on Instagram answering questions from fans about her late brother. She revealed her parents had adopted him before she was born and that she “went a bit crazy” after he died.

“He passed away when I was in middle school,” she said on November 11, 2021.

He was “a huge blessing in my life. My mom found out his bio mom had passed and he needed a home,” McKee wrote to her followers. “She said God told her to take him in. This was before I was born.”

In the background of her answers, she shared pictures of her late brother.

“Him and I fought like crazy,” the Florida resident added. ” He passed from a blood clot and my sisters found him when I was in middle school the year I was diagnosed with Type 1 [diabetes].”

McKee went through a rough time after her older brother’s death. “I went a bit wild after that and got pregnant shortly after,” she confessed. “I know he gave our momma [Angie Douthit] the biggest hug when she arrived in heaven.”

McKee’s statements about Mike have been removed from her stories, though Heavy obtained screenshots of her responses before they were taken down.

McKee Hinted Things Aren’t Great With Her Co-Stars

Before her co-stars shared the “clickbait” story about her brother’s passing, McKee insinuated the tense situation had not improved. The fitness enthusiast has been in a standoff with “Teen Mom OG” star Cheyenne Floyd, which stemmed from McKee referring to Vice President Kamala Harris as a “colored” woman in January 2021.

“Are things any better with the rest of the ‘TM’ cast?” a fan asked.

“I wish them nothing but blessings,” McKee wrote on her Instagram stories, which was later deleted. “I stand for freedom of opinion and I must respect theirs.”

During her live stream, McKee added that she has nothing but love for the women she works alongside. “Yes, me trying to fix things made things worse… I respect and I love everyone,” she noted. “And I’m real. I’m as real as it gets.”

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