Fans Are Convinced Mackenzie McKee Was ‘Fired’ From ‘TMOG’

Mackenzie McKee

MTV "Teen Mom" fans are confident Mackenzie McKee was fired by MTV;

“Teen Mom” fans suspected Mackenzie McKee was fired after she posted a cryptic message via Twitter on February 23.

“I’m an emotional wreck today. 😭😭😭. Like completely broken. Being lied to by people you have respected since you were a teen SUCKS!” McKee tweeted.

A social media user helped fill in the blanks, saying MTV did something “wrong.”

“You have every right to be! MTV went about it all wrong! They are grown a** adults that are way older than you and they feel the need to lie!” they wrote. “I’m currently listening to you on Let’s Drink Wine podcast and it’s could you hear your side of things!”

“Ashley was amazing,” McKee answered, referring to “Teen Mom 2” star Ashley Jones. “I love how she can Address something, call someone out, and have a conversation about it. Her and her podcast partner do a good job.”

In the episode description for Jones’ podcast, “I Need Wine with Ashley and Jessica,” McKee appeared as a special guest to inform listeners about what happened about her being left out of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion.”

“We openly try to find out who Mackenzie is on and off of the show and where she has been? We get into ALL of the tea regarding Teen Mom Family Reunion, was she invited?” it says. “Did she choose not to come? We also get into the possible reason/reasons for her being MIA.”

McKee first appeared on “16 & Pregnant” in 2012. Though some of the girls’ ages vary — they could be 17 or 18 — McKee was actually 16 when she was pregnant.

The Oklahoma native was promoted to “Teen Mom 3” the following year, but the series was canceled in 2013. McKee rejoined the network in 2019 to replace Bristol Palin on “Teen Mom OG.”

She and her husband, Josh McKee, have three children together: 10-year-old Gannon, 8-year-old Jaxie and 5-year-old Broncs. They have been married since 2013, though they’ve gone through multiple breakups during their relationship.

Fans Were Convinced McKee Was Fired

Before social media users had a chance to listen to what McKee had to say on Jones’ podcast, they suspected she had been fired and was upset with MTV.

“She’s definitely been fired from teen mom. Especially from a producers point of view, it’s just easier not having her on the show,” read one of the most popular comments. “She doesn’t get along with the other cast, the fans haven’t warmed to her and just simply don’t like her, and she’s said some very questionable things.”

“I really think MTV took the ‘No, no, we’ll call YOU. You don’t have to call US. WE will call YOU!’ approach to “firing” her after the comments about VP Harris, going after Cheyenne, etc…and she is just too dim to take the hint. So she probably phoned her former producers like What the crap, when am I filmin?! & got all butthurt because they finally told her the 12th of Never.

“Probably accusing her husband of sleeping with a family member again…” read the top response, which garnered more than 100 upvotes.

The social media user was referring to when McKee accused her husband of having an affair with one of her cousins after her mom, Angie Douthit, died in December 2019 from stage four brain cancer.

McKee, 27, faced major backlash after she referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as a “colored” woman. Her comment sparked a feud with co-star Cheyenne Floyd, which worsened as McKee continued to offend others by trying to defend herself.

She then slammed MTV after they didn’t invite her to “Family Reunion.”

McKee Denied Being Fired

Even though speculation about her being let go from her contract is rampant, McKee denied she was fired from “Teen Mom OG.”

She took to her Instagram story and wrote “#wasn’tfired” and “clickbaitisstupid,” according to screenshots shared by Teen Mom Chatter on February 11.

McKee claimed MTV didn’t “respect” her after her mother died.

“It hurt and broke me how my mom gave them the last breath of her life, yet after I had opened up my life to them, when my voice didn’t sound like theirs, there was no more respect for me,” McKee told The Sun.

“I never thought two years after her death I’d be bawling about why MTV is doing this to me,” she said to The Sun.

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