Mackenzie McKee Deletes ‘Juicy’ Video About Divorce

Mackenzie Mckee

MTV "Teen Mom OG" alum Mackenzie Douthit McKee is "unleashed" and living her best life after splitting from her husband.

“Teen Mom OG” alum Mackenzie Douthit McKee opened up about her divorce from her estranged husband, Josh McKee.

The couple was together for 12 years and has three children together: Gannon, 10, Jaxie, 8, and Broncs, 5. The McKees first debuted on MTV when Douthit’s episode of “16 and Pregnant” aired in 2012. The duo have gone through various ups and downs over the year, but McKee said she is ready to move on from the father of her three children.

McKee wanted to talk about the divorce as respectfully as possible. It was a different tone than the earlier videos she filmed.

“I know you guys have followed us from the beginning and I know that I don’t necessarily have to talk about this but I am going to talk about it in the most respectful way possible,” the former “Teen Mom” star said.

“And the other videos, I deleted them because they were juicy man, they were juicy. I was like, I am a woman. I deserve for my voice to be heard,” the MTV alum said. “I am powerful.”

McKee Is Happy She Left Her Marriage


It got to the point for McKee where staying married was harder than being alone.

“I was so proud of myself for choosing able to walk away that I wanted everyone to know because it was hard work. In fact, didn’t walk away, I crawled,” she said. “It was hard work to walk away, but staying was harder.”

McKee didn’t specifically reveal what caused her to walk away for good this time around.

“It’s no secret Josh has had affairs on me, it’s not secret I haven’t been the best wife,” she said. “But all in all, we are both walking away from this marriage with deep scars and wounds but no one wins here.”

“No one wins in divorce,” the Oklahoma native continued. “For the first time, I’m looking in the mirror and I’m saying Mackenzie, you are worth something and life didn’t happen to you, life happened for you.”

A clip of McKee’s YouTube video was shared to the Teen Mom Chatter fan page, where some social media users mocked the star.

“I mean, I feel like I’ve heard this song and dance from her before,” said one of the most popular comments.

“I didnt even get 1/3 of the way through this video. She is so fu%£in dull,” another wrote.

One person just commented with a number of rolling eye emoji.

McKee Said She’s ‘Unleashed’

McKee has put several messages out on the internet since announcing her divorce. In one of them, she said she was free.

“People see me unleashed and finally happy after years of hell ‘I’m worried you are gonna go downhill’ b**** why were you not worried when I was suicidal and being emotionally abused daily?” she tweeted on July 31. “I’m good and free. Never been better in fact.”

McKee’s messages after she dressed like Britney Spears, wearing white parachute pants and a Barbie pink sports bra.

“Single Mac dressing up as Brittney Spears and hittin the club tonight on siesta key, watch out. She’s different !” she tweeted.

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