Why Teen Mom Fans Want Mackenzie McKee Fired

Mackenzie McKee

MTV/Getty Some "Teen Mom OG" fans wanted Mackenzie McKee fired.

Some Teen Mom OG fans want Mackenzie McKee to be fired by MTV and accused her of being racist after she used the term “colored” when talking about Black women. The offense harkens back to segregation in the 1960s when black Americans were forced to use separate public areas under Jim Crow laws, as it’s explained in a column by The Chicago Tribune.

Mackenzie, 26, used the word when talking about Vice President Kamala Harris, who made history as the first woman and woman of color to ascend to the vice presidency. The MTV personality slammed Harris, who was born to a Jamaican father and Indian mother.

Mackenzie shared a Facebook post by a netizen that outlined some of the reasons they didn’t think Harris was fit for her role. “Sorry, no. There are a lot of amazing women in the world for my daughters to look up to and see as role models,” part of the post reads. “Kamala Harris is not one of them.”

The mother-of-three added her own commentary when one of her followers said they agreed with the message. “I started reading the first paragraph and I was like umm imma have to disagree,” the person wrote. “Then kept reading and I’m like yep, that’s why we’re friends.”

“It blows my mind that out of all the amazing colored women in this world, that is the one who is making history,” Mackenzie wrote.

She got called out by one of her Facebook followers who said she should “know better” but the Teen Mom OG star didn’t respond. Despite receiving criticism on Reddit, Mackenzie didn’t remove the post.

Reddit Users Called for Her to Be Fired, Accuse Her of Racism

Even though the post was made nearly a week ago, it just started to go viral on Reddit on January 28. Some people noted that it should be getting more attention and they claimed MTV should penalize Mackenzie because of the language she used on social media.

“Mackenzie really calls people ‘colored’ in 2021. The CAUCASITY of this b***,” reads the title of the thread.

“Wow. If David [Eason] got fired for his comment about gays, Mackenzie needs to be fired for this comment. F***ing disgusting,” one person wrote. “F***ing fire this b**** MTV gross,” another added.

A few people accused Mackenzie, who has been vocal about her support for former President Donald Trump, of being racist. “Just put your Trump hat on & say you don’t like her because she has brown skin & you’re all kinds of racist. Stupid c*** who can’t even give her children proper names,” they wrote.

Mackenzie & Her Husband Almost Ended Their Marriage

While Mackenzie and her husband Josh McKee have worked things out and are living in Florida with their three children, they had a hard time getting there. Following the death of her mother Angie Douthit in December 2019, Mackenzie revealed she was in a “dark place” and that she and Josh were seeing other people. Mackenzie also admitted to using substances during this time.

“We’re not together,” Mackenzie said on Teen Mom OG. “I don’t know what Josh is going to do. I don’t know if he’s going to serve me with papers. But here I am — I’ve been with him for 12 years, and now I’m single.”

“Josh and I got into a huge fight. He moved his stuff out and we haven’t talked since,” she said, adding:  Josh “has never been this mad at me.”

The breakup came after Mackenzie found out Josh was texting her cousin late at night. Even though she and her husband have been able to work things out, Mackenzie said she isn’t speaking to her cousin or that side of her family any longer.

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