Teen Mom Star Reveals She’s Leaving Her Husband

Teen Mom

MTV Some "Teen Mom" fans were not sympathetic when the MTV star said she was leaving her husband.

Mackenzie Douthit Mckee and her husband, Josh McKee, famously have an up-and-down relationship.

They’re no strangers to separation, but this time McKee said she was leaving her children’s father for good.

“In marriages, there are always ups and downs and give and takes. Sometimes things work and sometimes, no matter how hard you fight, it just doesn’t work out. I am breaking my silence about Josh and I being done. 💔🙏❤️,” she tweeted on July 26.

McKee wished her husband well. They have three kids together: 10-year-old Gannon, 8-year-old Jaxie and 5-year-old Broncs.

“I’m so thankful for the past 12 years with Josh and what they taught me,” she told Celebuzz. “Josh and I are both still young with an entire life ahead of us. And I wish nothing but peace and happiness for him and his future. Everyone has their own story, and this is mine.”

“The old me would have released a story about how awful Josh is, what he did and why this marriage is ending,” McKee continued to Celebuzz. “The new me understands that we are both walking away from this with deep scars and our kids love us both despite the pain we brought one another. We are human, we are all human on this earth just trying to make it.”

McKee Said She Wasn’t ‘Perfect’

McKee knows there are things that she could have done differently in her marriage.

“Was I a perfect wife?” McKee told Celebuzz. “No. But I’m also not pretending that Josh was a good husband.”

The former “Teen Mom” star said she wasn’t sad about her marriage ending when she realized it’s what she wanted.

“I gained my power back as a female who finally knows her self worth,” she told Celebuzz. “And I was finally so exhausted that I was done, and anything that has hurt me these past 5 years was gone. I no longer care.”

Fans Mocked McKee’s Statement

Fans have heard about McKee and her husband splitting before.

“Wont believe it at all until she signs those papers🙄 she’s the little girl who cries wolf,” one person wrote.

Some people thought McKee was just looking for a job opportunity since she was invited to participate in the new “Teen Mom” series, called “The Next Chapter” and was also left out of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion.”

“I want to believe her, her kids deserve better than the chaos of them together, but this sounds like she is digging for MTV to film her again,” they said.

Others slammed McKee for what she wrote in her statement to Celebuzz. “She lost me at ‘as a female,'” noted a social media user.

Mackenzie McKee and Josh McKee broke up after Mackenzie McKee accused her husband of having an affair with her cousin after her mother, Angie Douthit, died in December 2019. They got back together in September 2020 after McKee moved from Oklahoma to Sarasota, Florida, for a job opportunity.

Before that, they split in August 2019 after Mackenzie McKee accused Josh McKee of infidelity again. They reconnected three months later.

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