PHOTO: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Poses Nude After Moving On

Teen Mom

MTV The star said she's been "set free."

“Teen Mom OG” star Mackenzie McKee shared pictures of a nude photoshoot she did on Instagram on April 17. The mother-of-three was left out of the “Teen Mom: Family Reunion,” but McKee hinted that she wasn’t going to dwell on the snub.

“When you realize that people’s opinions about you is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. You are set free,” she said, tagging Reese Witherspoon, who shared that statement as the best advice she’s received.

The photo showed McKee without clothes and handing her knees with one of her hands. Her long blonde hair covered her chest as she smiled widely for the camera.

If there is a second season of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion,” there is only one way McKee would attend.

“Only if ‘everyone’ is invited,” McKee told a follower who asked if she would appear in the sophomore season, per The Sun.“I just hope they tell the truth this time.”

McKee claimed MTV “lied” to her about the spinoff in January 2022.

“It’s the lies I’m upset about. It’s not being a part of the group that I’m upset about, which is why I’ve kept my mouth shut because I don’t want people to be like, ‘Oh, she’s just jealous,'” she told The Sun.

“I was disappointed they told me it was a few select people from each show and that it had nothing to do with one being left out, which is not true,” she continued. “I’m so confused. I was the only one not invited and they refused to say that out loud. But it’s fine, I’m over it. I’m not going to be petty like that.”

McKee Told Fans How She Moved Past Her Husband’s Cheating Scandals

The “Teen Mom OG” star is one of the only cast members to stay married to her partner, but her marriage to husband Josh McKee hasn’t been without its own ups and downs.

McKee was promoted to share her relationship secret after receiving a proposed question from a fan.

“Josh and I went through a patch where we took a break and both stepped out in our marriage,” she wrote on Instagram, according to screenshots shared to Reddit.

“MTV filmed us both admitting what we had done and only aired his side,” McKee wrote. “Had my husband just went off and cheated while my ass was faithful, I can promise I would have left. “But I’m honestly happy we went through that time because it only made us realize we are each others people and now we laugh about it all. My marriage is happier than most ‘picture perfect’ marriages I see around me.”

Fans Mocked McKee’s Relationship Advice

Fans on Reddit didn’t appreciate McKee’s advice.

“Lol my marriage has been through rough patches, whose hasn’t ? We do not brag about it and no one cheated and I’m not glad we went through bad times 🤣 it’s part life but it isn’t all sunshine,” one person wrote.

Some people weren’t sure why McKee was still with Josh, even if she could get past the infidelity.

“An emotionally unavailable man will rip your soul away until there’s nothing left but emptiness. And he cheats on top of that. What exactly does she love about him?” they said.

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