‘MAFS’ Star Erik Lake Talks ‘Inappropriate’ Exes

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Lifetime/Kinetic Content "Married at First Sight" Season 12 star Erik Lake opened up to Heavy during an exclusive interview.

Married at First Sight Season 12 star Virginia likely doesn’t have to worry about husband Erik Lake blurring any lines when it comes to his ex-wife. Erik revealed to Virginia he was previously married, but he never had a wedding. During an exclusive interview with Heavy, Erik opened up about remaining in contact with exes, volunteer work and more.

For Erik, 34, it all depends on the “situation” when it comes to being cordial with an ex. “I’m not currently friends with any of my exes,” he told Heavy. “If you’re a single person then obviously you are free to handle that situation however you please. If you’re married or in a serious relationship then that can depend on certain circumstances, but I personally think that the majority of the time it is inappropriate.”

As far as his comfort level goes, he wouldn’t want his partner to be in constant contact with a former lover. “I wouldn’t be ok at all with my wife calling/texting with an ex on a regular basis or hanging out alone with them,” the pilot told Heavy. “If she happened to see an ex out or something then there isn’t anything wrong with saying, ‘Hey’ and seeing how they’ve been, but the conversation shouldn’t have much more substance than that.”

If two people have a disagreement about the way they communicate with their exes, Erik advised the couple should have a conversation about how to move forward. “It all varies on the scenario,” he explained. “For example, if she dated someone for a year and then they stayed friends for years after, then that’s something to discuss to understand the situation currently and be ok with.”

Ultimately, Erik reasoned, it’s just about having an open dialogue. “It’s not a trust issue on her part, but just a topic that has to have a level of respect for each other in a marriage/relationship,” he said.

Erik Enjoys Volunteer Work & Traveling

When Erik has enough time to volunteer, it’s something that he looks forward to doing.

“I’ve done many things over the course of my life, from working at kids Special Olympic events to going to visit military veterans at hospices,” he said. “I’ve done food drives, blood drives, and things like habitat for humanity. I think it’s a wonderful thing to help those in need and give back to the community in any way that you can.”

Travel is also a major part of Erik’s life, thanks to his father. Erik followed in his father’s footsteps and became a pilot. “I was fortunate to have great travel benefits in my youth due to my dad being a pilot in the airline industry,” he said.

Because of his career, Erik has been able to see many parts of the world, but he still loves to explore new places. “Relaxing days on the beach are always nice and I enjoy them very much, but I love exploring a new place much more,” he explained. “Even in my job now when I go to different cities, I always try to get out and see the things that make that place unique including the scenery, history, and local authentic food.”

“It’s so interesting to see how different places in the world go about life and how they live,” he continued. “I enjoy taking that in and learning about different cultures as well as seeing the natural beauty of the earth all over.”

Erik Has a Few Quirky Habits & He Considered Himself to Be a Romantic Person

When asked if he had any hidden talents, Erik made a joke, saying “they are hidden from me as well.”

He loves music, and sometimes people can catch him “making guitar and drum sounds” with his mouth while he’s focusing on something.

Erik also admitted to not being great at remembering people’s names. “I can remember the face of someone I met years ago, but I can forget a name within seconds of someone telling me it,” he said. “It’s pretty bad lol.”

The pilot described other unique traits he has as “quite entertaining and weird all at once.”

“I think some other quirky things about me is that I like things in even numbers, great at one-liners from movies during conversations, and I create voices for dogs when I’m playing with them and essentially have conversations with myself,” he added.

When it comes to romance, Erik says being “authentic” is the most important thing.

“I definitely consider myself a romantic person and always try to show that in a relationship,” he said. “I try to show this in many ways whether it be my words, flowers, gifts, or little notes to find in random places.”

“I also enjoy making romantic dinners for her to come home to or taking her out to a great restaurant with an intimate setting,” he added. “Any gift or action I do requires meaning behind it and less to do with the cost. I think that’s important. It makes me feel good to be able to spoil my significant other so she knows how much she means to me.”

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