‘Teen Mom’ Star Updates Fans After Daughter’s Surgery: ‘She’s Not Doing Great’

Cory Wharton

YouTube Cory Wharton updates fans on daughter's heath journey

This week has been quite difficult for one particular “Teen Mom” family. Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge’s daughter Maya needed open-heart surgery, a procedure that was one step in a lengthy process to manage a heart defect. Wharton let fans know the procedure was starting on the morning of January 5, and it took most of the day before he provided any additional updates.

Here’s what Wharton shared about Maya’s condition post-surgery:

Cory Wharton Said They’re Taking Things Hour-by-Hour for Now

In his Instagram stories, Wharton thanked everybody for their support. The “Teen Mom” and “Challenge” star noted, “soooo many ppl reached out and prayers were heard.” As for baby Maya’s condition, Wharton acknowledged she was “doing ok” and they would “take this thing hour by hour.” He admitted, however, “she’s not doing great.”

For now, the doctors are keeping Maya sedated. Wharton explained her left lung has some fluid in it, and she waswaswas struggling to breathe on her own. “I just need that little girl to push out all that fluid in her lungs. So then hopefully her vitals start to look normal.” The 7-month-old baby is currently on a ventilator since she is not breathing independently right now. “It’s just part of the process… We’re in good hands,” Wharton explained, and he added, “she’s a fighter, we’re fighters, you know, she’s gonna make it through.”

‘Teen Mom’ Fans Are Worried for the Family

Not long after the initial update, Wharton returned to his Instagram stories with a little more. “The Challenge” star detailed they had met with Maya’s medical team, and he showed the baby in her hospital bed where she was still sedated and surrounded by medical equipment. “We’ll get through this man. She’s gonna make it through. I know she will,” he shared. Wharton paused and got emotional at times, but he promised he would keep everybody updated as well as he could. In the “Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2” sub on Reddit, fans shared the updates and added notes of their support.

“Poor baby! My thoughts go out to them, hopefully this sweet girl will fully recover,” shared one Redditor.

“Sending them sooo much love, health, positivity. I teared up watching his story giving her update. You can see the worry and hurt, I have a daughter a month younger than Maya and I can’t even fathom what they’re feeling,” added another.

“Nobody should have to go through this! Poor baby. I imagine that family is so torn up and hurting,” someone else acknowledged.

“The second vid he posted on his story gave me chills. The way he says they had a meeting with the doctor and then just kinda trails off and says ‘we’ll get through this.’ I’m not a praying kinda gal but I’m really praying for this innocent baby to be healthy and happy asap,” detailed a “Teen Mom” fan.

Update: Both Wharton and Selfridge have shared new updates revealing big news and great progress. “Maya is off the ventilator! She’s no longer intubated,” Wharton detailed in a new Instagram story. Selfridge shared a little bit in an Instagram story on her page, too. “She’s doing great today. We had to get over a little rough patch but she’s looking amazing now,” the “Teen Mom” star wrote. “She’s extubated (breathing on her own), awake, eating & trying to play. Just pain management & trying to [wean] her off the oxygen” Selfridge added.

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