Why Nathan Griffith Gifted Jenelle Eason’s Husband a Trump Flag

Nathan Griffith

Instagram/Nathan Griffith Former "Teen Mom 2" star Nathan Griffith made peace with David Eason and Jenelle Evans.

Former Teen Mom 2 star Nathan Griffith made peace with David Eason and Jenelle Evans. Nathan had previously sparred with the couple, accusing them of abusing his shared son with Jenelle, 6-year-old Kaiser. Following a child protective services investigation last year–which led to all of the children being briefly removed from the Eason house–Nathan has since made amends with them for the sake of his son. He even went as far as gifting David a Trump 2020 flag.

When a social media user questioned Nathans’s actions, the father-of-one had a sardonic answer. “Yes, let’s make enemies with someone who is with my son 75% of the time. That makes perfect sense,” he responded, according to The Ashley. “On top of that, let’s show my son how immature two gown men can be. That’s AWESOME! Why didn’t I think of that?”

On a serious note, Nathan explained he wants to set a good example for his son. “No, that’s not who I am. I want my son to learn compassion, love, kindness, maturity and how to be a MAN,” he wrote. “Not a childish fool that holds grudges and puts his son in a worse position. David and Jenelle have my son. So, if I have to kiss their freaking butts for 12 more years I will.”

Jenelle and David have always denied the abuse allegations against them.

Jenelle Never Thought Nathan and David Would Get Along

Nathans’s confession came after Jenelle revealed that David and her ex were on good terms.

“You know what I think is super adorable? The way [Nathan] bought a new Trump flag for David,” she tweeted on October 8. “Glad everyone is on the same page now… Never in a million years would I think those two would get along.”

Earlier, she had tweeted about the importance of co-parenting. “I said it once, and I’ll say it again… no matter how much you hate the other parent you cannot hold them away from their child forever whether you like it or not,” she wrote on October 7.

Jenelle slammed a netizen who accused her of withholding Kaiser from Nathan. “Uhm… what? Lmao he’s always had visits with Kaiser. Now we have settled outside of court and he has unsupervised visits,” she said. “You know nothing.”

Jenelle has more than just Nathan to co-parent with. Aside from Kaiser, she is the mother to 10-year-old son Jace–who is under the care of her mother Baraba Evans–and shares a 3-year-old daughter, Ensley Jolie, with David.

She’s also the stepmother to David’s children. Maryssa, 13, is from his relationship with Whitney Johnson and David shares 6-year-old son Kaden with ex-girlfriend Olivia Leedham. David has full custody of Maryssa and currently has a contentious relationship with Olivia.

Jenelle Faced Backlash For Making Fun of Her Stepdaughter

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Fall has arrived! 🍃🍂💓 #MakingMemories

A post shared by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219) on Sep 28, 2020 at 5:59am PDT

Jenelle has embarked on a new project, creating a YouTube series called “I Have Something To Say” where she details her CPS investigation. In the most recent episode, she mocked Davids’s 13-year-old daughter Maryssa Eason, who testified against them in court. When social media users called her out for blasting a teenager, Jenelle defended herself and accused Maryssa of lying.

“Made fun of her for lying on stand to a judge in front of seven lawyers? Those are facts. The next video I post will explain this.. but I don’t have videos or pics of her on there. I have shown Maryssa these videos before they are posted. Keep being mad but Maryssa is just fine,” she tweeted.

“Maryssa’s relationship with me was far from perfect during that time. She was persuaded by the wrong people at the time and I’m just beginning to understand what happened in her situation,” she added.

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