‘Teen Mom’ Ex Posts Nude Shower Pictures for OnlyFans

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MTV The "Teen Mom" alum wasn't kidding when he said he was going to start an OnlyFans.

“Teen Mom 2” alum Nathan Griffith wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to start an OnlyFans.

He might have been rejected at first, but Griffith followed through with his promise of posting photos to the X-rated site once his account was approved. Griffith — who shares 7-year-old son Kaiser with ex-girlfriend Jenelle Evans — started with some pictures in the shower.

He promoted the images via Instagram on November 2, 2021, and promise more than just raunchy photos. “Workout tips, diet and much more random stuff,” he penned, as noted by The Sun. In another shower picture, he covered up his nether regions with a sticker that said, “Did the dishes!”

Griffith promised fans would be able to see his new appearance if they headed to his page. “Changing my whole style! But you can only see the new look on OnlyFans,” he wrote. “You can check out the full content and my shoulder/back workout on OF.”

Griffith Shared an Update on His Mental Health

The North Carolina native did more than just promote his new content.

He also took a moment to address his current mental state, sharing a video that showed his hands shaking.

“No one knows how I think, why I act the way I do and what’s going on in my life,” he wrote via Instagram stories on November 2, 2021. “I can promise you though…sometimes my anxiety and depression is so bad that I almost faint.”

In a post on the same day, he shared a positive message to his main account. “Even though there might be storms in a relationship… you’ll have to remember that those will eventually reside,” Griffith wrote. “And if your relationship is strong enough, you’ll look back at where you were then and where you are now.”

The update included a video of a thunderstorm. “Send this to a person you truly love!” Griffith told his followers.

Fans Said Griffith Was ‘Good Television’

The potential success of Griffith’s OnlyFans account wasn’t immediately clear, but a majority of fans on Reddit agreed that they enjoyed watching him on “Teen Mom 2.”

“I’ve put together a little collection of some of the Nathan classics … I really didn’t care for him, but he was good television,” the original poster wrote. 

One of the viewers’ favorite moments of Griffith and Evans together was when he told her to “stop it” while she was on the phone with one of her friends.

“The ‘stop it’ will absolutely never, ever get old. 😭,” they said.

“Nathan is an abuser, a white supremacist and a dead beat,” another person wrote. “But god damn if he doesn’t make for incredible TV.”

Some people enjoyed the post so much that they asked the original poster to create another clip of Griffith. “I forgot about how much I hated his “shirts”. Like why even bother when it looks like he was just wearing a bib. No tiddy coverage at all,” they said. “OP, you should definitely consider making a second video. This was a great walk down memory lane.”

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