Nathan Griffith’s Wife Speaks Out After Tinder Scandal

Nathan Griffith

MTV May Oyola, the wife of "Teen Mom 2" alum Nathan Griffith, has shared several vague messages since a fan claimed they found Griffith's Tinder profile.

May Oyola, the wife of “Teen Mom 2” alum Nathan Griffith, has shared several vague messages since a fan claimed they found Griffith’s Tinder profile.

Griffith said he and his wife were estranged, but told Heavy the Tinder page was not authentic.

On August 16, Oyola penned two messages. One was in English and one was in Spanish.

Oyola took a selfie and then added a cryptic caption.

“Tuesday… I was born on a Tuesday,” she wrote, which has been translated. “There are things I still don’t understand or don’t want to understand…”

In her second message, Oyola shared a quote that was originally written in English. It said: “Two things I can’t stand: 1. A liar. 2. A liar that gets mad when you don’t believe the lies they are telling you.”

It’s not the first time Oyola has posted vague statements on Instagram.

“Feel as good as you can feel, is why you’re always reaching for,” one message said.

“A relationship should be your happy place, not where you beg your partner to act right,” read a second quote.

When Heavy asked Griffith if he was behind the Tinder account, he said, “Heavens no!!! I’m married.”

A Fan Posted Pictures of a Tinder Profile Claiming to Belong to Griffith

While Griffith said he wasn’t behind the account, a Tinder page with Griffith’s pictures was created. A fan took screenshots of the account and posted them to Reddit.

The bio the person wrote doesn’t say anything about being married or having children. Griffth shares 8-year-old son Kaiser with his ex-fiance, Jenelle Evans, and he has a daughter, Emery, from a previous relationship.

“Tust me, I suck at pictures and look a lot better in person. Looking for good conversation and an adventure buddy. Love going to the gym and I love food but I am very strict on myself,” part of the Tinder bio reads. “That doesn’t mean I don’t eat a lot because I’m that guy who will order 2-3 entrees when we’re out to eat.”

Griffith Said He Wanted to Have More Children

After getting hitched to Oyola, Griffith said he wanted to expand his family.

“I would love to have another kid, one that I would be around 24/7,” he told The Sun. “That was supposed to be the plan with my first child and that was supposed to be the plan with my second child.”

“I will be with them day and night, all year round until he is 18, if not longer,” he added.

Griffith said Kaiser was a little weary of Oyola in the beginning.

“Kaiser is really protective over me, so at first it was a little rocky,” the “Teen Mom” alum told The Sun. “He has opened up to a couple of women now in his life. and he got really close with my ex. That made him on the defensive with me.”  

Griffith said he wasn’t looking for anything serious when he first met Oyola, but they fell in love.

“I was just wanting to be casual. I was out of a long relationship and I really wasn’t looking for anybody, but as soon as I met up with her, I knew she was the one,” he told The Sun.

“She made me feel good about myself and when I was going through a lot of problems, she was like my counselor,” he continued. “I can talk to her and she helps me work through stuff.”

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