PHOTO: Farrah Abraham Dyes Her Hair Black After Getting ‘Really Mad’

Farrah Abraham

Getty Former "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham doesn't look like this anymore.

Former “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham changed her appearance after being platinum blonde for nearly three years. She dyed her hair black, going a few shades darker than her natural color.

Farrah, 31, showed off her new look on TikTok.

“OK guys, I have a big reveal,” says Farrah’s 14-year-old daughter, Sophia. “Mom was really mad at her blonde hair last night and she woke up a whole new person. So, this is the new mom.”

Sophia walked over to her mother, who was standing by a table. She was wearing a blue jacket, gray T-shirt, and white sweatpants. “Hi, Sophia,” Farrah says to the camera.

“It’s giving emo,” Sophia tells her mom.

“Mom went #blackhair #emo 🖤🖤🖤. Goth makeup tutorial so needed next 😊 @sophialabraham #farrahabraham #hair #omg,” Farrah wrote on TikTok.

The video garnered more than 1.5 million views within days of being posted.

Farrah Got Into a Spat With Her Hair Stylist

Sophia and Farrah didn’t say what exactly made her angry about her blonde hair, but the former “Teen Mom” star did get into a Yelp battle with an Austin, Texas, hair stylist in June. Farrah paid nearly $3,000 to get her hair done at Lena Salon and then was unhappy with how it turned out.

Farrah said her hair was “ruined.”

“She couldn’t match color my hair to the extensions she installed improperly as half the Extentions feel out with in 1 week, when I went back to have her redo the Extentions and color she couldn’t communicate with hair dreams even though I wrote down exact amounts, colors,” Farrah wrote on Yelp.

“Never pay this scam artist upfront and don’t allow her to smooth talk you,” she continued. “Lena is a disgrace to the hair profession and should not be allowed to ever touch another persons head ever again. Fraud.”

Heavy reached out to the stylist for comment but didn’t immediately hear back.

Farrah Was Accused of Looking Unrecognizable

Fans said Farrah didn’t look like herself anymore after she posted a Christmas tree selfie. A majority of viewers said it looked like the former “Teen Mom” star was wearing a mask, but Farrah maintained she was using a filter during the photo.

She shared a screenshot of a story by The Sun that read, “Teen Mom Farrah Abraham slammed by fans for ‘ruining her face’ with fillers as she’s unrecognizable in new video.”

Farrah denied fillers were the cause for her change.

“A FACE filter never ruins your face but enhances it DUH,” Farrah wrote on Instagram stories. “I love my filter and so have billions and billions on the planet who use it.”

She also posted a picture of her first driver’s license and her most recent driver’s license, showing fans how she’s changed over the years.

Farrah revealed she had to take her driver’s test more than four times because she was diagnosed with “ptosis,” or droopy eyelids, and has ADHD Inattentive, which can make it difficult for people to pay attention to details, finish tasks and stick to routines.

“I just thought I was a ‘late bloomer,'” Farrah wrote.

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