WATCH: Tour Inside Chelsea Houska’s South Dakota Home

Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska Houska allowed fans to have a behind-the-scenes glimpse at her home for one of the first times.

“Teen Mom” alum Chelsea Houska allowed fans to have a behind-the-scenes glimpse at her $750,000 South Dakota home for one of the first times, showing them the process of having her closet organized. The reality TV star previous work with Orderly Elegance, a professional organizing company, to tidy their pantry.

Houska teased the final result on her Instagram story, sharing a post written by Orderly Elegance.

“Today we organized @chelseahouska & @coledeboer closet!” Emily Nelson, the owner of Orderly Elegance, wrote via Instagram on May 25.

“We started by pulling out all of their items, placing them on racks to be visible & categorized them by season. We then had them walk through & decide whether they want to keep or donate,” she continued. “Organizing by season helps reduce the amount of items in your closet at a time & keeps it functional.”

“We placed all summer items upstairs in their closet and items not in season were placed downstairs, ready for us to come in when it’s time to swap out seasons!” Nelson added.

What Houska’s House Looks Like on the Inside

While Nelson was showing her organizational process, fans got to get a better peek inside Houska’s home. Not only did they get to see what her closet looks like empty, but Nelsen also showed Houska’s living room area — which was covered with clothes, shoes, and other accessories owned by Houska and her husband, Cole DeBoer.

To start the process, Nelson took everything out of the closet and brought it into the living room.

“We have set everything on racks. Um, we have things in categories. We have fall, we have summer. Um, we have their shoes in a separate area, jeans, etcetera,” she said. 

“So, a few minutes ago, we had them walk through everything and pick whether to donate, keep or give it to somebody else,” Nelson added. “This helps reduce the size of their closet and help keep it very functional.”

She explained how Orderly Elegance was only going to out summer clothes in the master closet, and move the fall clothes to the bottom closet. When the seasons change again, Orderly Elegance will rearrange the closets.

Fans Got to See Houska’s Open Concept

Houska has never been shy about showing off her new home. She and DeBoer documented the process — where they built the home from the ground up — on the Down Home DeBeor Instagram page, which has more than 740,000 followers. 

But before Nelson shared their organizational videos, fans had only seen what the home looked like through pictures.

Videos from inside the home helped show Houska and DeBoer’s open concept, and how the rooms on the bottom level flow together. The videos also give viewers a better feel for the height of the ceilings.

Though Houska and DeBoer quit “Teen Mom 2” in November 2020, they moved on to HGTV. They will be renovating homes in their native South Dakota, and have already started to film. The series, dubbed “Farmhouse Fabulous,” is slated to air in spring 2023.

Houska’s children — 12-year-old Aubree, 5-year-old Watson, 3-year-old Layne and 1-year-old Walker June — will also appear in the new show.

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