PHOTO: Jenelle Evans Buys Herself a Gift on Kid’s Birthday

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans/MTV Evans deleted the post, but social media users took screenshots of her picture and comment.

“Teen Mom 2” alum Jenelle Evans bought herself a sports motorcycle made by Suzuki days after getting her son, Jace, a dirt bike for his 13th birthday. Evans faced some backlash for getting Jace the “dangerous” gift.

Jace celebrated his 13th birthday on August 2 and Maryssa Eason, Evans’ stepdaughter, celebrated her 15th birthday on August 4. Evans shared a picture of Jace and Maryssa on their dirt bikes on July 22 and captioned the post, “Dirt bike buddies.”

Evans didn’t post Maryssa’s birthday present on social media, but she did share a rare photo of Maryssa in front of her birthday cake.

Pirate Ship Power Sports — the Wilmington, North Carolina business Evans purchased her bike from — posted a picture of Evans on the bike. “Congratulations Jenelle! Welcome to the Pirate Ship Powersports family!” they wrote on August 4.

The company limited the comments on the post, with Evans’ response ultimately being removed. Before it was scrubbed, a social media user took a screenshot of Evans saying she wanted a dirt bike since she was a kid. The MTV star doesn’t know how to ride the bike just yet, but she’s learning from videos online.

“I’ve been watching girls on YouTube with the same bike lol if they can do it I know I can!!!!! I’ve wanted a sport bike since I was 12,” the 30-year-old wrote, according to screenshots shared to Reddit.

Fans Were Concerned for Evans

Some fans were worried that Evans could get hurt riding the motorcycle.

“I’m a woman that’s been riding sport bikes for 9 years and rode with my dad for 15 years before that,” one person said. “I’m nervous to move up to the same size bike Jenelle has. She’s a f****** moron.”

“Good grief. Why would a 30 year old mother of 3 decide now is the time to get a sport bike that she has to watch YouTube videos to learn how to ride?” a fan penned. “I sure hope whatever shop sold that to her requires her to have a motorcycle license before she rides it off the lot.”

Others were curious why Evans decided to spend money on herself. “At least 10k right there. Couldn’t she not have spent it on her kids?” they wrote.

Evans Wished Jace a Happy Birthday

Evans created multiple posts for Jace’s 13th birthday. In her mini-vlog of the day,

“Thirteen years ago, Jace was born. That’s right, it was his 13th birthday this week. We went to Olive Garden for lunch,” she said.

Evans got him a dirt bike-themed cake that she said was much too big for her family. “He literally wanted to spend all day riding his new dirt bike,” she said.

Fans wished Jace a happy birthday in the comment section.

“I know time to going by way too quick 🥺 he’s such a young man now 😭😍 def bittersweet,” Evans wrote on TikTok. 

“I never think his voice is that deep but I forgot you guys have always heard his little boy voice 🥰🥺,” she said in another comment.

Evans children — 8-year-old Kaiser and 5-year-old Ensley — made appearances in the video. Not included was Evans’ mother, Barbara Evans, who she blasted as “toxic.”

Barbara Evans has had custody of Jace since he was a baby. Evans has continued to vow to get back her parental rights and hinted there was an ongoing custody hearing.

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