PHOTO: Fans Flip Over Rare Pic of Leah Messer’s ‘Hot’ Ex

Leah Messer

MTV/Jeff Simms "Teen Mom" fans were delighted to see a new photo of Corey Simms, Leah Messer's first husband.

“Teen Mom” fans were delighted to see a new photo of Corey Simms, Leah Messer’s first husband. The picture was posted by Simms’ father, Jeff, via Instagram over the Fourth of July weekend.

The Simms went fishing in West Virginia while Messer hung out with her boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley.

“Corey and his girls enjoy a day on the lake! 🎣,” Jeff Simms captioned the photo.

The collage showed Corey Simms looking over his shoulder for the photo. His three girls — 12-year-old twins Ali and Aleah, and 6-year-old Remi — focused on the activity. Ali and Aleeah are the daughters Corey Simms shares with his first wife and Remi is the daughter from his current marriage to Miranda Patterson.

The former “Teen Mom” star might not be active on social media, but that hasn’t stopped his father from sharing photos of the Simms family.

Before the Fourth of July collage, Jeff Simms posted a picture of his son and granddaughters at a horse-riding event. Corey Simms placed an arm around each one of the twins and smiled brightly for the camera.

“Corey and his beautiful equestrian daughters! 🐴👱‍♀️🧔🏻👩🏻‍🦱🐴,” Grandpa Simms captioned the update, shared on June 26.

Fans Said Messer’s Ex Was Aging Well

While the picture included Messer’s girls, “Teen Mom” fans on Reddit were mostly focused on how Simms had aged.

“jfc corey is hot. he can f*** my yankee liberal a** any day,” one person wrote.

Some people wouldn’t have recognized Corey Simms if it wasn’t for his tattoo.

“Corey looks so cute here i honestly didn’t think it was him til i noticed the “Simms” tattoo,” they said.

“Damn, he looks pretty cute without the ridiculous curved hat brim in his face!” another added.

Messer Said Her Divorce From Simms Was ‘Liberating’

Messer and Simms got divorced in 2011 after she admitted to cheating on him the week before they got married.

Messer tried her hand at marriage again, walking down the aisle with Jeremy Calvert in 2012, but the couple split in 2015.

The mother-of-three has since referred to her divorces as freeing.

“I thought once you got married, you had to stay married, period,” she told Page Six in March 2022. “For me, divorce was liberating. I got to find who I truly was at the end of the day.”

The West Virginia native said she didn’t have a true connection with either of her husbands.

“There wasn’t even chemistry in these relationships,” she told Page Six. “I think I just moved so fast because I was looking for love. For me personally, it was like I wanted to be loved. It was just some sort of comfort for me.”

So will Messer walk down the aisle for the third time? Mobley has been open about wanting to tie the knot, but the “Teen Mom” star isn’t so sure.

“I want to keep what we have now,” she said about making things official with Mobley to Page Six. “I don’t want it to change our love for each other, but I don’t think it’s going to either. I’m open to it.”

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