All Grown Up: Here Is What the ’16 and Pregnant’ Kids Look Like Today

16 and Pregnant

YouTube Jordan Cashmyer passed away four months after her fiance's death.

It’s been over a decade since “16 and Pregnant” premiered on MTV. Since then, the “Teen Mom” franchise has developed a dedicated fanbase of viewers who are invested in the moms and their children’s lives.

It’s been thirteen years since the show premiered, which means some of the babies that viewers were introduced to on “16 and Pregnant” are now teenagers.

Here’s what the “16 and Pregnant” babies look like today:

Bentley (Maci Bookout)

“Teen Mom OG” star Maci Bookout welcomed her first son Bentley Edwards on October 27, 2008. According to Teen Mom Wiki, Bentley is the oldest of the “16 and Pregnant” babies. He will turn 14 next month.

Maci Bookout shares Bentley with her ex-fiance, Ryan Edwards. Over the years, viewers have watched the two struggle to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship.

In a September 2021 interview with Us Weekly, Maci gave an update on Bentley’s relationship with his father, telling the outlet that the two don’t see each other much.

“He’s only seen him a couple of times this year,” she said. “To be quite honest, Ryan doesn’t show up to any baseball games or anything like that. It’s not shocking that he doesn’t see him that much.”

Maci doesn’t share photos of Bentley too often, but she post a photo of her teenage son on  Instagram in August.

Maci posted a photo of her and Bentley at the beach alongside a sweet caption.

“You’ll probably never know a human as special as this one. He’s truly one of a kind,” she wrote.

She included the hashtags “benny baby” and “god blessed us.”

Aubree (Chelsea Houska)

Chelsea Houska was a senior in high school when she found out she was pregnant with her eldest daughter Aubree. Chelsea struggled throughout her pregnancy, which was documented on the MTV show “16 and Pregnant.”

She gave birth to her baby girl on September 7, 2009. Aubree turned 13- years old yesterday. Chelsea shared a photo of her Aubree on Instagram to celebrate her daughter entering her teenage years.

“My music loving, sassy, funny, Harry Styles obsessed girl is a TEENAGER,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

Jace (Jenelle Evans)

Jenelle Evans gave birth to her eldest son Jace on August 2, 2009. He turned 13 years old last month. Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, currently has custody of Jace but Jenelle hopes that changes in the future.

The Sun reported that Jenelle filed for sole custody of Jace in January 2021.

Jenelle spoke to E! News in May 2022 about the ongoing custody battle, telling the outlet she is fighting for full custody of Jace.

“If we end up going to trial, I’m going to ask for full [custody] completely,” she said. “I’m still trying to work it out civilly.”

Sophia (Farrah Abraham)

Farrah Abraham gave birth to her daughter Sophia on February 23, 2009. Sophia’s father, Derek Underwood, passed away in a tragic car accident in December 2008. Two months before the birth of his daughter.

Sophia turned thirteen in February. Farrah posted photos from her daughter’s birthday party on Instagram alongside a sweet caption.

“I WENT GRUNGE FOR [Sophia Abraham],” she wrote in the caption. “Happy 13th Birthday ! Totally had to post this as soon as it turned February 23. Love you my 13 year old! I’m very proud of you! Wishing you the best teen years of your life!”

Leah (Amber Portwood)

Amber Portwood gave birth to her eldest daughter Leah in November 2008.

According to Us Weekly, Leah’s father, Gary Shirley, currently has custody of Leah. Over the years, viewers have watched Amber struggle to rebuild her relationship with her daughter.

In January, Amber spoke to Us Weekly about her relationship with Leah. She told the outlet that their relationship is improving.

“I can’t speak for Leah, but when we’re around each other now, it’s night and day. It’s just beautiful,” she told the publication.

Leah Messer’s Daughter Starts 4th Grade

Leah Messer’s daughter Adalynn is officially a fourth grader. The “Teen Mom 2” alum shared photos of her daughter dressed for the first day of school on Instagram alongside the caption, “We officially have a 4th grader 📚🤩.”

Fans commented on the post to remark on how grown-up Adalynn looked in the photo.

“She’s getting so big,” one fan wrote.

“Very grown up ❤️,” another fan commented.

“Omg where has the time gone?!” a third user added.

“Oh my goodness, look how grown 🥺🥰,” a fourth user chimed in.

Stay tuned for more “Teen Mom” updates.

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