PHOTOS: Kailyn Lowry’s Body Scrutinized Amid Pregnancy Rumors

Kailyn Lowry

MTV Kailyn Lowry said she was going to get her tubes tied, but she didn't say when she would go through with it.

Rumors that former “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry was pregnant with her fifth baby reached its pinnacle on September 26 after The Sun published paparazzi photos of the Deleware resident.

Lowry, 31, was spotted leaving a Wawa with takeout. She was wearing a baggy T-shirt and black pants. It’s similar to what she was wearing when The Sun obtained of Lowry outside her house in July.

If Lowry were pregnant, it would be her fifth baby with a fourth father. She is currently dating 24-year-old Elijah Scott, known on the blogs and among fans as “hot neighbor.” The couple met after Scott moved into Lowry’s neighborhood in Middletown.

The Sun wrote Lowry “appeared to have a bump” in the photos, but the podcast host previously admonished people for speculating she was pregnant. Lowry said it was “rude” and wanted to know if people were allowed to gain weight without others assuming they were having a baby.

“You all have to stop asking people if they’re pregnant! That’s not okay!” Lowry said during an Instagram live in August. “You would never ask a normal person if they were pregnant. That’s so rude! Can’t people gain weight? Like is that a thing?”

Heavy reached out to Lowry’s rep for comment about the paparazzi following her in Deleware but didn’t immediately receive a response.

Lowry is the mother of four children: 12-year-old Isaac from her relationship with Jo Rivera; 8-year-old Lincoln from her five-year marriage to ex-husband Javi Marroquin; and 5-year-old Lux and 2-year-old Creed from her relationship with Chris Lopez.

Fans Were Convinced Lowry Was Pregnant

After the new photos emerged of Lowry were published by The Sun, fans are Reddit were convinced the former “Teen Mom 2” star was getting ready to welcome her fifth child.

A thread about the photos generated more than 1,300 responses, making it one of the most popular posts on the “Teen Mom” subreddit in months.

“Yeah that’s not just belly fat. That is a whole child,” reads a top comment.

“That’s definitely a bump. Looks too firm and rounded to be just pudge,” a second confirmed.

People who once thought it was just a rumor were swayed.

“I was hoping it wasn’t true but how can she deny this now. 5 babies by 4 dads. Why is she so messy,” another said.

Lowry Said The Paparazzi Has Been Stalking Her

Lowry has battled pregnancy rumors since she started dating Scott — and the paparazzi has also been following her for weeks.

On her podcast, “Coffee Convos,” Lowry said it was funny that the paparazzi were “stalking” her at first but then she started to get scared.

“I’m frustrated because I literally felt like I couldn’t even shower naked because I felt like someone was watching me,” she said. “Because they’ve been outside my house. They follow me everywhere I go. I literally have 10 pictures in my phone of every place I went yesterday and they follow me.”

“Now I’m being stalked. It’s not okay. It’s not safe,” she added.

Lowry went to the police for help but was threatened by the police after they said she was wasting their time.

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