Pregnant ‘Teen Mom’ Slams Jenelle Evans Over Custody of Jace

Teen Mom

MTV/Jenelle Evans Ashley Jones lashed out at Jenelle Evans after she sided with Briana DeJesus.

Former “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans entered the drama between Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus after the co-stars were sent home from filming “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” for fighting.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup first reported the news on September 2 and then the brawl spilled out onto social media, with various “Teen Mom” stars getting involved — including Evans.

“Spitting on someone is assault and then self-defense is legal in lots of states after that happens. Just sayin,” Evans wrote.

The North Carolina native then had a word for MTV, hinting that a fight was bound to happen.  “But at the same time what do you expect putting girls with tension on the same show? They knew something about would happen,” she said.

Jones Called Evans Out For Not Having Custody of Jace

Jones, 25, found out about Evans’ comments and had some words for the former “Teen Mom 2” star.

“Jenelle if you put the same energy into getting your kids back as you do d*** riding, you’d be one big happy family,” she wrote on Instagram.

Evans relinquished custody of her 13-year-old son, Jace, when he was 1 years old. Her mother, Barbara Evans, has primary custody of the teenager. Though Evans has vowed to regain custody of Jace since he was a baby, the courts have never awarded it to her.

Evans then fired off a few more messages.

“Ashley you’re going to end up in prison like Bar,” she said, referring to Jones’ husband who was arrested on August 22 after police said he was a fugitive of the state. “I hear you’re going to nursing school? Kiss that career goodbye lol.” 

“Not to mention… throwing fists while pregnant? Maybe, you need to worry about your own family and kids,” she added, according to Teen Mom Chatter. “You’re trash, like pure trash. Every time you speak it shows. Child endangerment already.”

Jones confirmed she was pregnant with her second child after DeJesus leaked the news.

Jones’ sister, Chris, then entered the conversation, where she came after Evans for always posting videos from in her pool.

“Trash… you are the last MF to be calling someone trash Janelle. Every weekend I see you swimming in body of water,” she said, per Teen Mom Chatter. “I’m sure it’s the same water your farm animals bathe in. Your entire life is a s*** show.” 

DeJesus Called Jones Out For Fighting While Pregnant

Evans wasn’t the only one who called Jones out.

DeJesus slammed Jones for fighting while she was pregnant.

“Doesn’t matter who did what… spitting and trying to fight while knowing ur pregnant (I didn’t find out about the pregnancy till after u were kicked out of the house) is distasteful and still considered assault,” DeJesus wrote on Instagram. “I only tried to defend myself after. Leave me alone and worry about ur own problems.”

DeJesus then took a screenshot of a story from 2018. The headline claimed Jones hit herself and then accused her husband, Bar Smith, of being an abuser. 

“U are still with a man that hits u (allegedly speaking) and now ur having another bby with him???” DeJesus wrote. “And he’s in jail and CPS came to ur house? And ur fighting knowing ur pregnant?? That’s endangering the welfare of an unborn child.. girl suck my imaginary d*** backwards.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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