Rachel Beaver Blasts ‘Jobless’ Claims

Rachel Beaver

MTV "Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant" star Rachel Beaver slammed accusations from fans that she didn't have a job.

“Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” star Rachel Beaver slammed accusations from fans that she didn’t have a job. After the September 28 episode of “Y&P,” the MTV personality claimed she has always been employed.

“Let’s let it be known I am NOT & never was jobless,” she wrote on Instagram stories, according to fan page Teen Mom Chatter. “IDK why that’s always being thrown up in my face likeee I don’t expose my whole entire life for free & get all this judgment for NOTHING.”

“Thought that was obvious… This takes a lot of emotional strength & vulnerability to be able to do,” she continued. “Don’t act like we don’t put in the work.”

Beaver, 19, made sure to throw out a special mention to her employer at the end of her statement. “No shade towards ‘Teen Mom.’ Love y’all for giving me this amazing opportunity to work with y’all and share my story,” she wrote. “Also had four jobs outside the show just never had one while they were filming me.”

Beaver is one of the younger cast members on “Y&P.” She welcomed her daughter, Hazlee, with her ex-boyfriend Drew Brooks in February 2019. She’s currently dating Koty Monroe, who she has seen on and off.

Beaver’s Sister Blasted Her Relationship With Monroe

Beaver’s sister, Malorie, wasn’t pleased when she heard about the “Y&P” star’s decision to move out of her mother’s house so she could get an apartment with Monroe. Beaver approached the topic by asking about her sister’s own dating history.

“Malorie doesn’t know that I’m seeing Koty and I hope that she doesn’t judge my choices like my mom does,” she first explained in a voice-over.

When Beaver asked about her sister’s “love life,” Malorie Beaver said she wasn’t interested in having a partner.

“What love life? I just get d*** when I need it and then I dip. I just don’t need a man,” she said. “I don’t need nobody but myself.”

 Malorie Beaver advised her sister to get “an actual job.”  

“[Koty] works at a sandwich shop and you guys think that you’re going to make it on in life with two jobs at a sandwich shop?” she asked. “S***. He don’t make more than $12 an hour.”

Beaver said they could get an income-based apartment for now so she and Hazlee could “get the f*** out of mom’s.”

Malorie Beaver Said She Wanted More for Her Sister

Malorie Beaver was skeptical of her younger sister’s plan.

“There’s no way in f****** hell you’re going to make a living off two sandwich shop jobs with a toddler,” she said. “The reason y’all broke up … was because you were like no he’s psychotic I don’t want to be around him and now you’re changing it up.”

The “Y&P” star defended her boyfriend. “I literally made it out to be way worse,” she told her sister. “You never hung out with him ever.”

“I want to do this so that’s the f****** point!” she continued. “That’s what I want to do with my life. Why the f*** are you trying to hold that back from me.”

Despite Rachel Beaver yelling, Malorie Beaver remained calm. “I just want to see you do better and you’re not doing better,” she said.

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