‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Accused of Saying N-Word on Season Finale

Briana DeJesus

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Briana DeJesus' feud with ex-boyfriend Devoin Austin got taken to the next level on the season finale when her mother Roxanne was caught saying the N-word.

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus’ feud with ex-boyfriend Devoin Austin got taken to the next level on the season finale when her mother Roxanne–who is of Puerto Rican descent–was accused of saying the N-word. Roxy was upset that Devoin had blasted Briana’s phone number on Instagram, leading her to get hundreds of calls, text messages and voicemails from users. While slamming Devoin, the father of Briana’s oldest daughter Nova, she seemingly used the N-word, with MTV bleeping out the slur.

The scene starts with Briana saying she wasn’t going to stand for Devoin treating her poorly. “It’s got to stop. I’m not going to allow it to happen,” she said.

That’s when Roxanne jumped into the conversation. “I’m going to say something. What he did today… exposing your number to the public,” she said. “That’s shady, he did that to be spiteful. But that’s illegal what he did.”

“Next they’ll be knocking on our f***ing door because this [bleeped] went and gave out your information,” she said. Fans largely believed Roxanne had uttered the racial epithet about Devoin, who is Black.

The Instagram account Teen Mom Tea shared a clip of last night’s episode, which triggered hundreds of comments from fans. Within two hours, the video had more than 26,000 views.

One of those people in the comment section was future Teen Mom 2 member Ashely Jones. “Not surprised, the way it rolled off her tongue …. it’s a part of her vocab,” she wrote.

Roxanne Got Slammed on Instagram

Fans headed over to Roxanne’s Instagram page, where people started to comment under her most recent photo. She didn’t immediately issue a response about being accused of using the N-Word. Heavy also reached out to MTV for comment but didn’t immediately hear back.

Some people called for Roxanne to be fired from the series, with MTV letting go of Taylor Selfridge in June for her past-racist statements.

“@mtv why is it acceptable for her to still be on the show, but not Taylor or disgusting David?” one person wrote.

“Why are you calling black people a [N-word] and you’re not Black???? Racist clown,” another netizen said.

“So you like calling people Black people [N-words] huh @mtv why is she still on the show? She ain’t no better than David’s racist a**..you should be ashamed,” a third viewer added.

Briana Blasted Devoin on Twitter in Now-Deleted Tweets

Briana didn’t immediately respond to her mother being accused of using the racial slur, but she did unleash a flurry of tweets about Devoin, which she soon deleted.

Devoin had claimed Briana was upset that Nova cared about her father, something she refuted. “Wait a f***ing minute, I am not upset that Nova loves her dad nor do I hate the fact that she does. I am so happy that she does WTF,” she tweeted. “I don’t thrive on having the title of single mom. Lmao but I am independent and I don’t have time to wait for someone to do something that I can do THE RIGHT WAY.”

Briana then claimed that she’s given money to Devoin to help him get on his feet and let him live with her so he could save money for rent. She also hit back at allegations that she was keeping Nova from her father.

“If Nova decides she wants to be with the other side of her family more than me… I’m OK with that… but she doesn’t so don’t get mad at me for it,” she wrote. “I planned for my child to be with u a few days a week and I’m sorry that she said no.”

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