Ryan Edwards Angers Fans, Tells Son He’s Being ‘Lied To’

Ryan Edwards

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Ryan Edwards received criticism from fans after he told his 12-year-old son that he was being "lied to" by his mother, Maci Bookout.

Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards received criticism from fans after he told his 12-year-old son Bentley that he was being “lied to” by his mother, Maci Bookout. The trailer for next week’s episode included a meeting between Ryan and Bentley, where the pre-teen told his mother and stepfather Taylor McKinney he was “a little bit” nervous about meeting with his dad since they hadn’t seen each other in some time.

“I haven’t talked to him in forever,” Bentley told Maci, 29, and Taylor, 31. The next scene showed Bentley with his Ryan during their strained reunion.

“I feel like you’re getting lied to, buddy,” Ryan told him. MTV didn’t show Bentley’s reaction to Ryan, but they gave a sneak peek into his meeting with Maci and Taylor. “You can lead a horse to water,” Taylor says, “and then there are some horses you cant even lead to water.”

The next scene foreshadows the showdown at the Season 9 reunion, which might have been the catalyst for Ryan and his family getting fired from the series. “Ryan has never been there for him,” Taylor told Ryan’s dad Larry Edwards. “But yall put it on Bentley.” Larry responded by saying, “You know what” and lurched off the couch. That’s when both men got up and almost fought, but Maci held Taylor back and Ryans’ mom, Jen Edwards, held Larry back.

Fans Blasted Ryan’s Parenting

It’s not the first time Ryan has fielded accusations of being a poor father to Bentley, but the allegations ignited after the preview showed Ryan accusing Maci of lying to their son. Social media users were aflutter over the insinuation, taking to forums on Reddit and the comments section on Instagram to discuss the incident.

“I’m sorry not me nervous laughing or anything but for Ryan to sit there and tell his son that he’s being lied to is not ok if you ask me,” one user on Instagram wrote. “Bentley has literally made these rough decisions by himself like a big boy Maci didn’t even have to help him.”

In fact, some netizens accused Ryan of being a liar. “If Ryan came around more how can anyone lie about him. He’s never around Bentley ain’t stupid,” another IG user said.

On Reddit, a commenter claimed MTV was liable for Ryan’s drug problem. The Tennessee father has struggled with an addiction to heroin, though his family claims he’s currently sober.

“The show has been paying for Ryan’s drug habit for years & years. It’s time he’s forced to be an adult and figure everything out on his own,” they penned. “If he actually tried to change his life and be a good father to his kids, then it would be a different story. But I think they should’ve let go of the Edward’s a long time ago.”

Maci Was Blamed For the Edwards Getting Fired

The day after rumors swirled that Ryan, his parents and his wife were fired, Mackenzie confirmed to Without a Crystal Ball that Teen Mom OG producers Morgan J. Freeman and Larry Musnik said Maci wanted to take her storyline in a new direction, which meant they didn’t need Ryan, his wife or his parents anymore.

Maci’s actions were “more of an anger thing… and a retaliation type deal over Jen and Larry and Taylor getting into it,” Mackenzie said.

She added that she was relieved to be finished with the series. “I’m actually almost relieved. It’s like a weight lifted off my shoulders,” she said. “I deserve to feel good about myself. I deserve to not be riddled with anxiety all the time.”

As for work, Mackenzie said they’re fine. Ryan apparently has skills he learned at trade school and will get a job that way and Mackenzie is about to get her license for insurance, though she didn’t elaborate further.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom OG when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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