Fans Concerned Over Ryan Edwards’ Cryptic Post

Ryan Edwards Maci Bookout

MTV Some "Teen Mom" fans were worried about Ryan Edwards after the Tennessee native shared a cryptic quote about addiction.

Some “Teen Mom” fans were worried about Ryan Edwards after the Tennessee native shared a cryptic quote about addiction.

Edwards rarely posts on social media and fans were wondering about the reason behind the former MTV star’s message.

“Before you judge an addict, put your phone down for 24hrs. Everyone you think about it. That’s what it feels like,” the message read.

Some fans online were curious if that meant Edwards was in the throws of his addiction again.

“This is interesting. I wonder if this hints at a relapse. Usually, he glosses over his issues,” one person wrote.

“I think something did happen because Mackenzie had a very cryptic story about setbacks on the gram yesterday,” another said.

“This may be the most honest thing Rhine has ever said,” penned a social media user.

Edwards, 34, is the father of three children. He shares his eldest son, 13-year-old Bentley, with his ex-fiancee, Maci Bookout. His two younger children — 3-year-old Jagger and 2-year-old Stella — are from is his marriage to Mackenzie Standifer.

Edwards Has a History of Substance Abuse

Edwards’ addiction to heroin has gotten him in trouble with the law.

He was arrested in January 2019 after he ordered six Jack Daniel’s whiskey and then left the bar without paying his $36, TMZ wrote at the time. He was detained for Theft of Services Under $1,000, according to TMZ.

Edwards went to rehab the first time in 2017 after he was shown nodding off his way to marry Standifer, Us Weekly wrote. Since then, he’s been arrested several times after police said he was in possession of heroin.

Edwards went into rehab for a second time in 2018, right before Jagger was born, Radar Online reported.

At the time, Taylor McKinney — Bookout’s husband — said he wanted Edwards to pass drug tests before going to therapy with Bentley.

“If Bentley and Dr. Ed feel comfortable bringing Ryan into a session, I think [Ryan] should take a drug test cause the few things he shows up to, he doesn’t look sober to me, in my opinion,” McKinney said, per In Touch Weekly.

Edwards Said He’s Sober

McKinney and Bookout might not be confident that Edwards is sober, but the father-of-three told The Sun he was clean in an April 2021 interview.

“I can see why he made the comment, but really I was just exhausted 99 percent of the time,” Edwards told The Sun about McKinney. “Staying up all night then helping Mackenzie with kids in the day. That’s in between going back to the garage building my buggy to try and get it done for King of the Hammers off-road race.”

McKinney accused Edwards of relapsing during the “Teen Mom” reunion special in 2021.

“No I don’t,” McKinney said when asked if Edwards was staying off drugs. “This is our opinion. It’s based on when he shows up to something or when you see him sitting there in a scene and he can’t hardly keep his eyes open.”

“That’s not a place I feel safe to send our son with that guy,” McKinney said about letting Bentley see his biological dad.

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