Ryan Edwards Surfaces Drug Use & Arrests Ahead of Court

Ryan Edwards

MTV "Teen Mom OG" alum Ryan Edwards is slated to appear in court on November 9.

“Teen Mom OG” alum Ryan Edwards does not want his past history of drug use and arrests used against him when he heads to court on November 9, 2021.

The former MTV personality filed a motion to prohibit the information from arising in court, according to documents exclusively obtained by The Sun.

Edwards is being sued for $290,000 by James and Janet Byrne over an accident that occurred in August 2018, The Sun wrote.

In the motion, cited by The Sun, Edwards requested to the court to “prohibit proof or questioning as to the Defendant’s prior criminal or drug activities that were not in any way related with the motor vehicle accident at issue.”

“Defendant has conceded simple fault for causing the accident at issue, and these other matters would be extraneous, irrelevant, confusing, unfairly prejudicial and unduly burdensome to the Defendant,” the court papers continued, according to The Sun.

Court documents filed by the plaintiffs said Edwards “negligently and recklessly” hit their 1997 Nissan pickup truck with his 2018 Ford pickup truck, according to court documents cited by The Sun.

“The collision was of such force as to cause the back of Mr. Byrne’s head to strike the rear window of his pickup truck and break the window,” the complaint said, per the outlet.

Edwards, 33, has struggled with drug abuse in the past. He’s been to rehab various times and was spotted nodding off on the way to his wedding in 2017. Standifer had to grab the wheel at one point to help keep them on the road. He went to treatment shortly after their nuptials.

Edwards Has a Fractured Relationship With His Oldest Son

As documented on “Teen Mom OG,” Edwards has not been getting along with Bentley, the 12-year-old son he shares with ex-girlfriend Maci Bookout.

The two families have been on poor terms ever since Edwards patriarch, Larry, argued with Bookout’s husband, Taylor McKinney at the “Teen Mom OG” reunion in April 2021.

Edwards’ wife, Mackenzie Standifer, tried to make amends with Bookout by sending her a text. But the “Teen Mom OG” star wasn’t interested.

“I’m annoyed that Mackenzie texted me wanting to connect and now hearing that Ryan isn’t going to therapy anymore, I’m even less interested in talking to any of the Edwards,” Bookout told McKinney on “Teen Mom OG.” “Honestly, I have no interest in having a relationship with any of them. I don’t plan on having any communication with them.”

Bentley Wants to ‘Normalize’ Therapy

Even though Edwards promised he would go to therapy with his son, Bentley has continued to seek treatment without his father.

He wanted MTV cameras to document the process to attempt to “normalize” counseling for people of all ages.

“He made a couple of comments in the discussion about wanting kids to know that it’s normal and it’s very much okay to see a counselor or a therapist,” Bookout told E! News. “He said that if you’re watching me on the show and you think I’m cool because I’m on TV, then I can maybe normalize this for you. I thought it was quite extraordinary for someone his age, but he’s wise beyond his years.”

Bookout said she made sure Bentley was confident in his decision. “Pretty much from the get-go, he was down to do it. The producer and I made it very clear that anytime he doesn’t want to talk about it, at any time, then he can just say the word,” she added to E! News. “We were constantly checking in on where he stood with his comfort level.”

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