Ryan Edwards’ Wife Confirms Maci Bookout Got Them Fired

Mackenzie Edwards

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Mackenzie Edwards spoke out after she and her husband were fired by MTV.

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Edwards spoke out the day after she and her husband were fired by MTV on March 23. Mackenzie, the wife of Ryan Edwards, blamed her husband’s ex, Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout, for their dismissal.

During an interview with Without a Crystal Ball, Mackenzie claimed Maci — who shares her 12-year-old son Bentley with Ryan — wanted to change her storyline to focus on other parts of her life. Most notably, Maci is an advocate for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and has her own clothing line, Things That Matter (TTM).

“We just got a call yesterday from Morgan and Larry at MTV and Maci’s agent went above their heads and went to Viacom,” Mackenzie, 24, told Without a Crystal Ball.

Maci’s agent “said that they wanted to focus on all of Maci’s abilities and her… whatever she does and that we took up the time on the show that she could be using to show all that.”

After they were fired, Mackenzie spoke with two producers — Morgan J. Freeman and Larry Musnik — who “read between the lines” about what went down. The producers said Maci’s actions were “more of an anger thing… and a retaliation type deal over Jen and Larry and Taylor getting into it.” She claimed Maci wanted to “show you who’s boss.”

The news about the Edwards was first reported by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup and The Sun. Both publications said the firings were a result of what transpired at the reunion.

Season 9 has predominantly followed Bentley’s strained relationship with his father and his paternal grandparents, Jen and Larry Edwards. Bentley set boundaries with his father, saying he didn’t want to spend time with him until they went to therapy together to fix their relationship. Instead of getting counseling, Ryan accused Maci of keeping Bentley from his family.

Ryan Doesn’t Want to Return to ‘Teen Mom OG’

Ryan, 33, isn’t interested in continuing with the series.

He “was just like, ‘Don’t. We’re gonna move on. We’re gonna live our lives. We’re gonna do our jobs and, you know, have a normal life,” Mackenzie told Without a Crystal Ball. “Like don’t waste your time or your breath coming back.'”

But the door hasn’t exactly been closed on the family. If Maci isn’t able to fulfill her obligations for Teen Mom OG, producers might try to ask the Edwards to return.

“Jen and Larry got fired. We got fired. They said that when she didn’t fulfill her obligations or didn’t have enough content that they call us back,” Mackenzie claimed.

Mackenzie Is Relieved to Be Done With the Show

Even though Mackenzie blamed Maci for getting fired from Teen Mom OG, she’s not upset about leaving the series.

“The truth of the matter is she calls the shots here,” she told interviewer Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball. “It’s her show. It is what it is. It’s fine.”

“I’m actually almost relieved. It’s like a weight lifted off my shoulders,” Mackenzie continued. “I deserve to feel good about myself. I deserve to not be riddled with anxiety all the time.”

They’re not too worried about the loss of income, either. Mackenzie said Ryan has work and skills that he learned from going to trade school. “He’ll be fine,” she said. As for her career, Mackenzie revealed she’s just about to finish her license for insurance, but she didn’t specify what type of insurance she was learning about.

Viewers were shocked to see Ryan’s drastic change in appearance on last week’s episode. Though his hair has been gray for years, it appeared matted and unkempt. He seemed to speak slowly when he was talking to his wife and was accused of being on substances by a large number of fans.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom OG when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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