Ryan Edwards Once Bragged About Killing Cats

Ryan Edwards

MTV Years before he was fired from "Teen Mom OG," Ryan Edwards once bragged about killing cats in 2016. He rescinded the allegation after he was investigated by the Chattanooga Humane Educational Society. 

Years before he was fired from Teen Mom OG, Ryan Edwards bragged about killing feral cats in social media posts cited by Radar Online. Though he boasted about shooting animals that “trespassed” on his property, Ryan later said he fabricated the story after he was contacted by the Chattanooga Humane Educational Society.

“Use sic to be the cat hang out but I been putting them down with the ol’ air rifle #deadcats,” he tweeted in 2006. Ryan then mocked the blowback and shared a picture of a young woman holding a dead animal. “Omg, ya’ll look at this MAKES ME SOOO MAD!!!” he said.

The Teen Mom OG star, who has struggled to remain sober while battling a heroin addiction, egged on fans who were upset by his posts. “When they start living under you sic house and having 100 babies that scratch your car and boat and piss on everything and get into your garbage let me know,” he wrote, as first noted by Radar Online.

The posts were ultimately scrubbed from Ryan’s social media account and he was investigated by the Chattanooga Humane Educational Society. “He’s saying he made it up and was just doing it to build hype … He didn’t think he’d get this much aggravation out of it,” director Bob Citrullo told the local Chattanooga news station WDEF.

Though he was investigated for felony animal cruelty, he was never charged.

Ryan, 33, has been on MTV since Maci’s episode of 16 & Pregnant debuted in 2007. Since first appearing on reality TV, Ryan has struggled with substance abuse and been to jail and rehab various times.

This season, viewers have watched him struggle to maintain a relationship with Bentley, who recently told his father he wanted to set some boundaries until they could start going to therapy together to work on their bond. Though Bentley was clear about his decision, Ryan and his family have blamed Maci for his son’s choice.

Some Fans Wondered Why Ryan Wasn’t Fired Sooner

The story about Ryan lying about killing animals in 2016 resurfaced on Reddit after reports swirled that he was fired from Teen Mom OG on March 24, 2021.

Ryan — as well as his wife Mackenzie Standifer, and his parents Jen and Larry — were all supposedly given the boot by MTV after a firey appearance at the Season 9 reunion.

Fans started to discuss other questionable behavior exhibited by Ryan, like when Maci and Taylor McKinney accused Ryan of threatening their lives in 2017. The couple was granted a restraining order against Ryan, which wasn’t lifted until May 2020, as The Sun reported.

Ryan also was caught driving impaired on the way to his 2017 wedding to Mackenzie. Footage from Teen Mom OG famously shows Ryan nodding off with Mackenzie — dressed in her wedding gown — sitting next to him.

“Ryan not only threatened to put a bullet through Taylor’s head, he lured cats to home to kill them and then BRAGGED about it,” talastar wrote on the Teen Mom subreddit. “He should’ve been fired a long time ago.”

Larry Threatened to Fight Taylor McKinney at the Reunion

MTV has not confirmed that the Edwards were fired, however, both The Sun and The Ashley reported that the dismissals might have been a result of what transpired at the Season 9 reunion.

A preview for the incident episode showed Larry getting up to fight Taylor after he expressed his opinion about Ryan’s parenting. “Ryan has never been there for him but y’all put it on Bentley,” Taylor said.

Some viewers were confused why Larry would want to fight Taylor, considering he has been the main father figure in Bentley’s life. “I’m still trying to figure out why Larry thought it would be ok to fight the ONLY father figure in Bentley’s life. He should be thanking him and trying to help rHINe take accountability for his actions,” IG user blacina wrote on the Teen Mom Drama’s post.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom OG when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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