PHOTO: Ryan Edwards’ Wife Compared to Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska Mackenzie Edwards

Chelsea Houska/Mackenzie Edwards "Teen Mom OG" alum Mackenzie Edwards is becoming less "recognizable," according to some fans.

Who’s that girl? “Teen Mom” fans were befuddled when they saw a new picture of Ryan Edwards’ wife, Mackenzie Standifer. With her long dark hair, some viewers compared the Tenessee native to “Teen Mom 2” alum Chelsea Houska, who also has raven locks now, too.

Standifer, 25, posed for a new photo with one hand on her hip. “First I do the coffee, then I do the hair 💫,” she wrote. In the comments section on Instagram, the mother-of-three revealed it wasn’t her natural hair. She uses extensions by JZ Styles.

“Mack becomes less recognizable every time I see her,” one original poster wrote, garnering hundreds of upvotes and comments on Reddit.

Another poster on Reddit shared a side-by-side image of Standifer and Houska. “Corporate needs you to find the difference between this picture and this picture,” they said.

Some people wondered if Standifer was trying to look unrecognizable.

“I think that’s what she’s going for, looking less like herself,” they said.

Others simply compared her to Houska. “She’s starting to look like Chelsea lol,” they wrote.

Standifer Answers Question About Marrying Edwards While He Was High

One of the most infamous “Teen Mom OG” moments is when Edwards nodded off on his way to marry Standifer. He struggled to keep his eyes open, and at one point, Standifer had to grab the wheel so they didn’t veer off the road.

“Can I ask a series question? What made you go through marrying Ryan when he was so high? So high in fact he could have killed you both,” a fan asked on Instagram, according to a screenshot shared to Reddit.

“I was young, confused, nervous and made a very bad decision,” Standifer answered. “I’m so thankful no one was hurt. We made peace with it a long time ago together.”

Edwards and Standifer have two children together: 2-year-old Stella and 3-year-old Jagger. They also both have children from previous relationships. Standifer shares 8-year-old son Hudson with her ex-husband, Zachary Stephens, and Edwards shares his 13-year-old son, Bentley, with high school girlfriend Maci Bookout.

The Edwards were fired from “Teen Mom OG” in March 2021 after they continued to fight with Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney. They were not included in the spinoff, “Teen Mom: Family Reunion,” either.

Standifer Almost Burned Her New House Down

For one of Standifer’s first TikTok videos, she told a story about nearly burning her house down after failing to realize there was something seriously wrong with her oven.

“Every time I cooked something in the oven, there were flames that came out of the bottom of the oven but I thought that was normal. It’s not,” she said. “So I eventually call a technician to come out and look at I’m like it’s just cooking so fast.”

“The man looks at me in says, ‘Ma’am, that is not supposed to happen. There are not supposed to be exposed flames in your gas oven. Your house could have easily burned down,’” she said.

The mother-of-three joked she was done cooking.

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