Ryan Edwards’ Wife Tells Commenters to ‘Get the F*** Out’

Mackenzie Edwards

MTV "Teen Mom OG" alum Mackenzie Edwards told fans to "get the f*** out" after they left comments under her family photo.

“Teen Mom OG” alum Mackenzie Edwards, nee Standifer, told fans to “get the f*** out” after they left comments under the family photo she posted to Instagram on July 18. The mother-of-three revealed she finally feels comfortable with herself and isn’t afraid to post things about her family that might make other people feel upset.

“So I can’t post a family because other people don’t like my family? Gtfo. I love this picture. I love what it represents,” Mackenzie Edwards back to one commenter, according to screenshots shared on Reddit. “I love my husband and I love our children and SHIT FIRE I LOVE THE DAMN GOD TOO.”

“I didn’t post politics or anything controversial. It’s my family. And if you don’t like my family then don’t even worry bout looking at my page,” she continued. “I’m tired of not posting things bc I am worried about what people are going to say.”

At the end of her post, Mackenzie Edwards told people to stay off her page if they didn’t like her. To seemingly emphasize her point, she wrote in the last few sentences in capital letters.

“For once in a VERY long time I’m happy and I finally feel like my damn self. Not worried about trying to not step on toes or say the wrong thing,” she wrote. “Let me say it again for the people in the back. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE ME OR MY HUSBAND OR MY DAMN DOG THEN GTFO MY PAGE. GOODBYE. YOUR NEGATIVITY IS NOT NEEDED HERE.”

Fans Were Confused Why Mackenzie Edwards Doesn’t Turn the Comments Off

Viewers on Reddit generally didn’t disagree with Mackenzie Edwards, but many found it odd that she didn’t turn the comments under the post off. Some wondered if she was hoping to see more positive responses than negative ones.

“She’s not wrong, but that’s why you just turn the comments off or make your page private,” one person wrote. “But then I guess you can’t sell much clickbait that way.”

“It’s clear she cares too much about what random strangers on the Internet say about her. I hope she learns to overlook them,” another wrote. “But I do find it weird when people go on profiles and spew mean things directly to others. It’s unnecessary.”

Some viewers came to Mackenzie Edwards’ defense. “I do not like Mack one bit, but whoever says shitty things directly to the cast needs their head examined,” they said. “Being in the public eye does not mean they deserve bullying and abuse. I’m all for snarking on here, but I’d never message them or comment on their pages. That’s weird.”

Fans Wondered About Bentley And Why Ryan Edwards Was Holding Their Dog

Most of the criticism surrounding the photo centered around Ryan Edwards’ estranged son, 12-year-old Bentley, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Maci Bookout. The pre-teen was left out of the photo and Ryan Edwards was accused of shading his eldest son.

In addition to Bentley, Ryan Edwards is the father to two more children: 2-year-old Jagger and 1-year-old Stella. Mackenzie Edwards also has an older son from a previous relationship, 6-year-old Hudson. He’s from her previous relationship with ex Zach Stephens.

Some fans were afraid that Ryan Edwards was wearing long sleeves on the beach because he was possibly trying to hide drug use. The star famously struggled with heroin and spent time in jail and rehab because of his addiction.

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