Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Publicly Defends Her Mother

Farrah and Sophia Abraham

Getty Farrah and Sophia Abraham

Farrah Abraham’s 12-year-old daughter, Sophia Abraham, is coming to her mother’s defense.

On February 8, 2022, Sophia posted an Instagram that featured a video of her mother’s appearance on “Teen Mom: Family Reunion.” Sophia’s caption for the post was a lengthy statement supporting her mother.

A portion of the caption read, “My mom deserves to surround herself with better people, better work surroundings, and I never want to be associated with bad people like this.”

Sophia continued, “These hateful people don’t even deserve to be in my moms eye sight. No one should be treated like this for over a decade. I’m her blessing out of this show and the rest of the show is in shambles. Our lives our far greater than this show.”

The full statement can be seen below.

Sophia’s post comes in the wake of drama that went down on the most recent episode of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion.” In the show, Abraham’s arrival stirred the pot, and even got physical when Farrah’s words agitated Cheyenne Floyd enough that she flipped over a table.

Floyd later told the cameras in a confessional, “It takes a lot to get me upset but when I get there, Zach says it gets bad. It’s a whole other devil that comes out of me. Don’t talk about my kids ‘cause I don’t talk about yours.”

Despite the drama, Farrah was able to have a civilized conversation with Amber Portwood, who asked Farrah about how Sophia is doing. Farrah replied, “Sophia is amazing. I’m grateful that I have the daughter I have.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Publicly Doubt Whether Sophia Wrote the Post

In the comments section of Sophia’s post, fans were quick to jump to the assumption that the 12-year-old was not behind it. One user wrote, “Imagine using your child’s Insta to hype yourself up.” Another added, “Now we know you wrote this Farrah.” And a third person added, “If it sounds like Farrah and spells everything incorrectly like Farrah… something leads me to believe it just might be…”

Many of the other comments echoed these sentiments.

Viewers quickly turned to Reddit, where they went as far as to say that Abraham has “brainwashed” her daughter. A user wrote, “I hope one day when she’s older she can see the truth and write us a juicy tell all book about her ‘amazing mom.'”

And another person acknowledged the fact that the comments section of Sophia’s Instagram post seemed to unanimously agree that Farrah was the one behind the caption. “No one in the comments thinks it’s Sophia. They are draaagging Farrah,” someone wrote, and another person replied, “I don’t think it’s her either.”

Where Are Farrah and Sophia Today?

Farrah Abraham Says She's Had Suicidal Thoughts Since Arrest | TMZFarrah Abraham says she's been a wreck since her arrest for allegedly slapping a security guard at a club … it's gotten so bad she's had suicidal thoughts. SUBSCRIBE: tmz.me/wONe5NO About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been credited for breaking the biggest stories dominating the entertainment news landscape and changed the way the public gets their…2022-01-30T23:16:14Z

According to The Sun, Farrah spent the last two years living in a $4,000 luxury apartment in Los Angeles, California.

On the heels of her most recent arrest, however, the former “Teen Mom” star announced she was moving out of California.

In January 2022, Abraham was arrested after allegedly slapping a security guard at a restaurant in Hollywood.

The LAPD told People, “LAPD Hollywood Division responded to a battery investigation at [Grandmaster Recorders]. Security at the location was advised of a possible fight on the rooftop. When security attempted to escort the suspect out of location, she slapped one of the security guards. Security called LAPD and placed the suspect under [private person’s] arrest for battery.”

Abraham was taken into custody but released not long after.

When she spoke to TMZ in the days following her arrest, Abraham said that while she was trying to remain upbeat, she was “really suicidal” throughout the week.

“I’ve just had such a hard time dealing with it … I’ve been working so hard on myself these past two weeks since the incident.”

She continued, “You can’t illegally cuff someone, then basically break their arm, tear everything, and it is like severe,” she claimed. “I hope I don’t have to get neck surgery and a shoulder surgery. And I’m working really hard on my physical therapy.”

Abraham did not share where she was moving to.

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