Sophia Abraham Releases Rare Statement About Farrah

Farrah Abraham

MTV "Teen Mom OG" kid Sophia Abraham had some words to share about her mother, Farrah Abraham.

“Teen Mom OG” kid Sophia Abraham sided with her mother, again, after Farrah Abraham responded to the renewal of “Family Reunion” for a second season. MTV announced on February 16 it was renewing the show.

Farrah Abraham, 30, claimed in a February 15 Instagram Stories that she was responsible for increasing the ratings of the show. However, according to ShowBuzzDaily, the February 1 episode featuring Abraham’s debut was the lowest-rated episode of the season, ranking 28th. The show has been averaging 22nd among cable telecasts on Tuesday nights.

She shared a screenshot of a story from The Sun, with a headline that says the series was renewed after Abraham quit and “slammed MTV as ‘abusive and manipulative.’”

“Truly amazing what I can do for a failing show – All the best,” Abraham wrote.

Sophia, who turns 13 on February 23, then shared a screenshot of her mother’s message and added some words of her own: “My mom did it again .. no surprise.”

Sophia Has Spoken Out About Her Mom Before

Displeased with how she’s portrayed on “Family Reunion,” Farrah Abraham said she was quitting “Teen Mom” for good, saying the show’s editing cast her in a bad light.

For instance, Abraham said, MTV portrayed costar Amber Portwood positively in a scene in which Portwood attempted to calm Abraham after Abraham got into a fight with Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton.

“The social team on this post took this to another level for rebranding of Amber. You didn’t see Gary behind me watching Amber, you didn’t see her hypocritical statement she mad after this,” Abraham wrote on the “Teen Mom” Instagram page.

“This is disturbing the world doesn’t see a true female perspective to know who your actually watching,” Abraham continued. “I wish Amber the best but I will not tolerate blatant manipulation of what the reality is. I hope Amber finds refuge in the ‘I hate farrah pit’ power trip. Denial is real on this show.”

Sophia added some words of her own: “My mom is beyond this show. These other moms are hideous inside and out.”

Sophia Posted a Lengthy Statement After Abraham First Quit ‘Teen Mom’

Sophia publicly spoke in defense of her mother when Abraham revealed she was going to quit “Teen Mom” after her fights with Wharton and Floyd. Farrah Abraham faced accusations of racism after referring to Wharton as “ghetto.”

“My mom deserves to surround herself with better people, better work surroundings, and I never want to be associated with bad people like this,” Sophia wrote on Instagram on February 8.

“These hateful people don’t even deserve to be in my moms eye sight,” Sophia continued. “No one should be treated like this for over a decade. I’m her blessing out of this show and the rest of the show is in shambles. Our lives our far greater than this show.”

Not everyone was convinced Sophia actually wrote the message. Some people suspected Abraham penned the note on her daughter’s page.

Abraham thanked her daughter for writing a response. “SOPHIA I love you, I’m grateful God gave me you! It breaks my heart the struggles we go through because of this show and thank you for writing this but you did not need to waste your time on this facade of a show,” she wrote in the comments section.

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Lyse Frank
Lyse Frank
5 months ago

After reading the long winded post by Farrah’s daughter, like WOW!!!!
How many of you are willing to agree with me and go out in a limb and say that
Farrah wrote the entire statement under her daughters account, trying to toot her own horn, failing to remember why Farrah was fired. She did b it quit ….

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