‘Teen Mom’ Spinoff: New Arrival Fuels Fight With Main Stars

Farrah Abraham

MTV The "Teen Mom" stars were supposed to be undergoing therapy but there's been a lot of fighting and drinking instead, reports said.

MTV hasn’t even confirmed the rumored “Teen Mom” spinoff, but there have already been at least two fights, with one of them turning “physical,” the Ashley’s Reality Roundup revealed in a September 22 report. Some of the cast members lashed out when they discovered Farrah Abraham was joining the cast, with a piece of furniture being thrown at the infamous reality star.

The event was described as “complete chaos,” according to an insider who spoke with The Ashley. People like Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood were already filming when Abraham made her grand entrance, though it’s unknown who was fighting and who was hurling objects.

Keeping the cast members in the dark about Abraham’s arrival was part of the producers’ scheme. “[They] didn’t tell the other cast that Farrah was coming because they wanted a big reaction,” the source told the outlet. “They definitely got what they wanted: everything basically exploded on the set…again.”

“Everyone was absolutely pissed when they found out about Farrah. Words were said,” the insider continued. “One of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls actually flipped some furniture in anger. Another girl threw something [toward Farrah] and it hit a different cast member on accident.”

Abraham Tweeted About Her Return

Abraham vaguely responded to the conditions she filmed under when she fired out a tweet on September 24. She shared a screenshot of a report from Entertainment Weekly about her return and also tagged the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, (IATSE).

“I debate on coming back to work on set, I see people fatigued, lack of care, simple work ethics lack for every job description on a set lights, sound, producers, talent, security. Network executives & production owners fail to deliver on their promise & contracts. #IATSE #PROAct”, her tweet read.

Who Is at the ‘Retreat’?

People was the first to break the news that Abraham was attending the San Diego “retreat.” She seems to be one of the only former “Teen Mom” members participating.

The current cast of “moms” and “dads,” per People and The Ashley include:

Maci Bookout
Farrah Abraham
Amber Portwood
Cheyenne Floyd
Leah Messer
Briana DeJesus
Brittany DeJesus
Jade Cline
Ashley Jones
Kayla Sessler
Kiaya Elliott
Brianna Jaramillo
Devoin Austin
Bar Smith
Gary Shirley

Some moms seem like they are staying longer than others. “Young & Pregnant” star Brianna Jaramillo posted pictures that showed she was home with her son, 3-year-old Braeson, two days after being in San Diego, while Jade Cline shared a video — captured by fan account Teen Mom Tea — that revealed she was still partying with people like Ashley Jones, Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis.

Jaramillo said she experienced criticism after posing next to her co-stars, Kiaya Elliot and Kayla Sessler, who wore makeup for their photos.

“I felt like I looked really pretty today but this world is so f***** up that we are made to think we need makeup or work done to be pretty,” she wrote, according to Teen Mom Chatter. “If you need makeup to be pretty that’s fine but don’t put someone down for loving themself and feeling pretty without it. I would never tell any girl they needed makeup or to be dressed up to be pretty.”

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